When it comes to the myriad of reports coming out of the Middle East, claim supporters of Israel, you can’t believe half of what you read about the Jewish state.

“Muslim forces in the Middle East have done an amazing job with propaganda,” asserts Joseph Farah, CEO and editor of WND. “They have pulled the proverbial ‘wool over the eyes’ of my journalist colleagues concerning Israel.”

Farah’s comments came in an interview with Laurie Cardoza-Moore on “Focus on Israel,” the new television program available through WND-TV.

Go here to see Farah’s stunning interview concerning the media war on Israel.

Over the course of the interview, Farah discusses the truth about the media’s undeclared war against the Jewish state of Israel: “If you look objectively on the map, Israel is outnumbered in every way. Yet Israel is being challenged to show restraint when rockets are being showered in on them. What kind of restraint would other countries show if it were happening to them?”

Laurie Cardoza-Moore

“Focus on Israel” is hosted by Laurie Cardoza-Moore, who launched Proclaiming Justice to the Nations, or PJTN, in 2005 to combat the disinformation against Israel in the media. Since then, she has boldly stepped forward to educate and engage Christians and other people of conscience to stand with Israel and the Jewish people.

Cardoza-Moore states that too often, when CNN, the BBC, the New York Times, the Associated Press and other mainstream media outlets begin to work on a story about Israel, they have an end goal in mind: a goal to vilify and delegitimize Israel.

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“Recently, a Hamas mortar landed on a school in Israel. Following the bombing, the Israeli Air Force struck at the Hamas launch site. But in the story, somehow the attack on the Jewish children is left out and the media broadcasts a story making Israel look like the aggressor,” Cardoza-Moore explained. “Seldom in the media do you see or hear the other side of the story.”

Cardoza-Moore reveals that many global media outlets show misleading pictures and tell half-truths. They write stories and show the images of Palestinian suffering – of Arabs losing their homes, of Arab parents holding their dead children, of Israeli tanks rolling through Arab towns – helping gain world sympathy to the Palestinian cause. But many of these images of horror, she says, are staged propaganda.

In Gaza, as in previous conflicts, these half-truths have led some to call for Israel to be charged with war crimes. But who, Cardoza-Moore asks, has called for war-crime charges against Palestinians launching rockets into civilian areas in Israel?

PJTN understands the impact that film and video can have on our media-driven society.

“It is our goal through our films and programs to educate hundreds of millions of Christians around the world to the truth,” Cardoza-Moore proclaims. “We have a biblical and moral obligation, and we cannot be silent again.”

It is of vital importance today that the truth be presented, as Israel is not getting a fair shot in the media, Cardoza-Moore insists. She points out that Christians and people of conscience must apply pressure to the leaders of this nation so they would not continue to pressure Israel to give up more land and negotiate with leaders who are bent on their destruction.

Watch the 12th Episode of Focus on Israel, “Jewish State Faces Global Media War,” by clicking here.

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