Joseph Farah, CEO of WND, states that “his journalist colleagues have had the proverbial ‘wool pulled over their eyes’ concerning Israel by professional Arab spokesmen [who] don’t speak for American Arabs or for a vast majority of Arabs around the world. Muslim forces in the Middle East have done an amazing job with propaganda.”

In this episode of Focus on Israel, host Laurie Cardoza-Moore uncovers the challenges that the modern state of Israel faces in the world of media – on television reports, in newspapers and magazines, on the worldwide web as well as in journalism schools around the world.

Too often, when CNN, the BBC, the New York Times, the Associated Press and other mainstream media outlets begin to work on a story about Israel, they have an end goal in mind: a goal to vilify and delegitimize Israel.

Farah further states that “if you look objectively on the map … Israel is outnumbered in every way, so it’s very hard to accept that Israel is an aggressor. It’s ridiculous that people believe it, but they hear it repeated over and over, and so conception becomes reality.”

For example, in a recent attack, a Hamas mortar landed on a school in Israel. Following the bombing, the Israeli Air Force struck at the Hamas launch site. Yet in the news report, the attack on the Jewish children is left out, and the media broadcasts a story making Israel look like the aggressor. Seldom in the media do you see or hear the other side of the story.

In this episode, learn how you can recognize and speak out against this media war on Israel:

FOCUS ON ISRAEL: Jewish state faces global media war

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