Haim and Shoshe (left), Jonathan (right) shocked by "The Rabbi Who Found Messiah"

In one of the most Orthodox cities in Israel, a Messianic Jewish leader continues his mission to bring Jews to Christianity.

Zev Porat, using the work of an American pastor as his tool for evangelism, ventured into Bnei Brak to preach the story of Rabbi Kaduri to the Orthodox community.

“The Rabbi Who Found Messiah” by Carl Gallups has become Porat’s tool in what he has dubbed the “Kaduri Revival.”

Porat, the founder of Messiah of Israel Ministries, was captivated by Gallups’ story of Israel’s most venerated spiritual leader, Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri, who died at the age of 108 in 2006 and left behind a letter with instructions to open it one year after his death. In the letter, he proclaimed the name of the Messiah was Yehoshua – the formal name for Yeshua, or Jesus in Greek. Porat said he then received a revelation from the Holy Spirit that he was to minister to non-Christians and help lead them to salvation.

Porat told WND: “At the core of Jewish objections is that Yeshua is not for the Jews. Our religion is Judaism, not Christianity. No true Jew would ever believe in Yeshua. The root of this lie originates from Satan and is implanted in the rabbinic laws that even the secular Jews are locked into. To a great extent answering these objections is a matter of correcting misconceptions, as well as getting people to stop and think about the emotional and sometimes irrational nature of what they are saying.”

Using “The Rabbi Who Found Messiah” to start conversations on Kaduri and his revelation about the Messiah, Porat said, “It is extremely dangerous in this ultra-Orthodox Jewish community to talk about the Messiah Yeshua.”

One Orthodox couple asked Porat what book was he showing to everyone, and he told them it was about Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri. They got excited, telling Porat he was their mentor.

“Is the book about his teachings?” they asked.

Zev replied: “It’s his most important revelation, and he revealed the name of the Messiah.”

Zev then began to read the book with Haim as his wife Shoshe was listening. After reading, they were both in shock and kept on saying: “This cannot be. That is destruction for the Jewish people.”

At that moment, an Orthodox man named Jonathan got into the conversation and asked: “If this is true, why is this the first time I have ever heard it since I have been around rabbis every day?”

Porat told WND he responded to the question with this statement: “The truth is rabbis don’t want everyone to know about it. They shot down the media story about it. Otherwise you will see the truth and they are afraid to lose their power.”

The “The Rabbi Who Found Messiah” is available now at the WND Superstore

In a copy of the “The Rabbi Who Found Messiah” Porat had with him, he showed Jonathan the contents of Rabbi Kaduri’s note.

Forgetting they were both in the heart of one of the Orthodox community’s most sacred cities, they delved deeper and deeper into the New Testament and the teachings of Jesus, with Porat telling Jonathan it was the Holy Spirit who revealed to Kaduri the name of the Messiah.

Porat said the Holy Spirit came upon Jonathan in the middle of Bnei Brak as he repented his sins and received Yeshua as his personal savior.

Gallups, when he found out about Porats latest evangelism outreach, was stunned.

“Zev is absolutely fearless,” he said. “His prolific ministry in and among the Jews of Israel is of a prophetic proportion. This is the stuff of biblical endtime prophecy!”

Jonathan fascinated by Rabbi Kaduri's note that Yeshua is Messiah

Gallups continued: “Zev told me that he was going to an exclusively Orthodox city, Bnei Brak (pronounced – Beney Barak). He told me that he had never been able to win a Jew to Jesus there in the entirety of his ministry. Yet, on the first day there with my book and movie – he spent hours in witnessing to several orthodox Jews and actually led one of them, Jonathan, to the Lord Jesus Christ in salvation! I believe this was confirmation from the Lord to Zev that he was following the Holy Spirit’s leading.

“Zev calls this entire phenomenon a ‘Kaduri Revival.’ He thoroughly understands the importance of getting Rabbi Kaduri’s ‘Jesus revelation’ out and to the Jewish people living in Israel. Once he had the materials in his hands to prove to his fellow Jews that the story was true – there was no holding him back! Zev has ‘gone forth’ and the Lord is bringing in the harvest in these last days!”

Porat previously has taken the message in the book to Muslims in a mosque in Haifa, Israel, to Jews in Tel Aviv and at the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

The “The Rabbi Who Found Messiah” is available now at the WND Superstore.

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