Lewinsky paving the way for President Hillary?

By Kathy Shaidle

Former Bill Clinton mistress Monica Lewinsky

Rush Limbaugh

Limbaugh became famous in part by serving as Bill Clinton’s nemesis during the Monica Lewinsky scandal. This week, Vanity Fair released an exclusive profile of Lewinsky, who looks back on the sex scandal that rocked the White House.

“The news media is on its way to succeeding in rewriting the Lewinsky affair,” Limbaugh stated. “They’ve tried to make it sound cute. They’ve tried to make it sound puppy love cute. They’ve tried to make it sound like harmless sex, a momentary dalliance by our president, otherwise committed and donated to greatness. But it wasn’t about that. It was never really about that.”

Limbaugh added that all this effort was aimed at paving the way for Hillary Clinton’s election as president (Free audio).

Eric Boehlert of Media Matters is claiming that Rush’s ratings in major markets like New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco are not as high as Limbaugh’s team claim they are. A spokesman for Limbaugh responded with data debunking Boehlert’s claims.

For example, on Los Angeles’s “newly minted” KEIB-AM, “Rush has already increased the … audience by 314 percent among all measured persons during his show hours,” noted Limbaugh’s representative. “Eric calls this a disaster. If so, may we be cursed for years.”

Michael Savage

Ever the independent, Dr. Savage challenged “the third rail of the conservative movement” and told his audience, “I’m not 100-percent in favor of hunting at all costs.”

“Call me a communist,” he said. “Call me a socialist. Call me a homosexual. I really don’t care” (Free audio).

Commenting on the latest White House Correspondents’ Dinner, and the media frenzy that surrounds the annual event, Savage mused, “I don’t understand this nation anymore.”

“Does the White House Correspondents’ Dinner have any meaning other than to demean the presidency?” he asked. “And if that’s the meaning, why do we have to do it when the president does it himself with every one of his policies?” (Free audio).

Mark Levin

“It’s not enough for these people to run on the Sunday shows, to run on Fox, to come on talk radio and beat their chests.”

Mark Levin is disgusted that “the people of the United States have no idea what this president did for eight to ten hours after the attack on our consulate” in Benghazi. However, the talk radio host is also calling out conservatives for failing to do anything more consequential than complain about Obama’s lack of transparency (Free audio).

Sarah Palin was widely criticized for jokingly comparing waterboarding to baptism, even by some “right wing” writers like Rod Dreher at the American Conservative.

Levin leapt to Palin’s defense, however, declaring, “I don’t need lectures from this self-absorbed intellectual lightweight and neither does Sarah Palin. He can chew on his own ankles.”

Laura Ingraham

Ingraham ruffled some conservative feathers this week when she proclaimed that it was time for the tea-party movement to “rebrand, reorganize, and re-capture its standing as a credible alternative to our failed establishment.”

She thinks the key to electoral success is to make sure that only one “anti-establishment” candidate is running in each election. When tea-party candidates are undermining each other for the same votes, Ingraham says, nobody wins.

Some of her radio guests agreed. Pioneering new media journalist Lucianne Goldberg called tea-party leadership “spongy and ill-focused,” while Lou Dobbs said, “The tea party was historic in 2010, but now it’s simply a shell” (Free audio).

Glenn Beck

Beck recently delivered a controversial sermon at Liberty University, and Warren Rockmorton, for one, questions the accuracy of many of the historical “facts” Beck included in his address.

Writing at the Christian-centered Patheos.com blog, Rockmorton pointed out, for example, “Beck then leaps wildly through French history to link Louis’ purported lack of Bible reading with the phrase ‘let them eat cake’ and the French Revolution. The phrase ‘let them eat cake’ is widely attributed to Marie Antoinette, the wife of Louis XVI, the grandson of Louis XV. However, historians believe she never said the phrase.”

At a House Judiciary Committee hearing dealing with the proposed Comcast-Time Warner merger, Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, proposed that there was a conspiracy of sorts to keep Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze network from being carried by Comcast.

He also raised questions about Beck’s thwarted attempt to purchase Al Gore’s Current TV, which was eventually bought by Al Jazeera: “And it was reported that Al Jazeera wanted to get their Sharia law push into the United States, and they were willing to pay big bucks … but they wouldn’t do the deal unless Comcast was willing to keep them in its list of networks provided. So it was reported Comcast agreed, so Al Gore got all that oil and carbon-based money. Then, that kept Glenn Beck off the air, off Comcast.”

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