Obama “won’t get any argument from me that he’s had some brain injury.”

That was Rush Limbaugh’s mocking reaction to sound bites of President Obama’s opening remarks at the so-called “concussion summit” held Thursday at the White House.

The summit was reportedly convened to address the alleged “epidemic” of football-related concussions. Limbaugh, who is famously a big fan of the game, dismissed the whole affair as “a feel-good exercise” that was “on the same level as a hashtag” campaign.

His reference was to the popular but futile #BringBackOurGirls online campaign to free Nigerian schoolgirls kidnapped by the Islamic jihadist group Boko Haram.

Limbaugh played audio clips of Obama’s opening remarks at the concussion summit. The president mused that when he was “young and played football briefly,” there probably were times when he experienced “a mild concussion” himself.

“He won’t get any argument here that he’s had some brain injury,” laughed Limbaugh.

He added that it was typical of Obama to bring the subject around to himself, even in the unlikely forum.

After all, Limbaugh noted, the president is not renowned for his athletic prowess.

“This is a man who throws a baseball in mom jeans and can’t even cover 60 feet,” Limbaugh said.

“Folks, the future is so wonderful,” the radio host continued. “Is this not great? … By the end of the day, the concussion problem is gonna be solved.”

Limbaugh added: “I wonder what Vladimir Putin’s reaction is when he sees video tape of the president convening a concussion summit. Is he scared?”

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