Woe unto them that call evil good and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! – Isaiah 5:20

Millions of American families were caught off-guard by the disturbing televised image of black football player Michael Sam and his “boyfriend,” Vito Cammisano, mouth kissing after the St. Louis Rams drafted Sam. The liberal press is celebrating Sam for being the first openly gay player in the NFL.

The world has become one upside-down place! Christians are being slammed while homosexuals are being lifted up. An example is the treatment of the Benham Brothers. David and Jason Benham were set to launch their new home-renovation show, “Flip It Forward,” on HGTV, but the show was yanked because of their pro-traditional marriage and pro-life views.

According to the Daily Caller, a well-funded left-wing website called Right Wing Watch vilified the Benham Brothers with the headline, “HGTV Picks Anti-Gay, Anti-Choice Extremist For New Reality TV Show.”

The brothers recently appeared on my radio show, and they talked candidly about the controversy and their faith. Despite the attempt by the left to silence them, their message has gone viral.

In America today, good is mocked and evil is rewarded. People who speak out against the immorality in the culture are accused of being hateful and judgmental.

Remember how Tim Tebow was treated? The pro-gay crowd that now lectures us about “tolerance” mercilessly mocked the Heisman Trophy winner.

GLADD and other LGBT homosexual groups are using Michael Sam’s race and his sexuality to force black Americans and, by extension, all Americans to accept an abnormal lifestyle. This is not about tolerance or diversity – it’s an attack on masculinity and the traditional family.

If you criticize Michael Sam or the LGBT movement, the gates of hell will open and evil will come after you.

For example, former Super Bowl champion Derrick Ward was viciously attacked after he tweeted, “I’m sorry but that Michael Sam is no bueno for doing that (mouth kissing his boyfriend) on national TV …” He added, “Man U got little kids looking at the draft. I can’t believe ESPN even allowed that to happen.”

Ward received death threats against him and his children after the comments. Homosexuals who cry foul at the most innocuous perceived slight called him a “n—-r.”

Miami Dolphins safety Don Jones was in hot water for tweeting “OMG” and “Horrible” after he saw the Sam kiss. Jones was forced to apologize for his comments. The Dolphins said Jones has been excused from all team activities. He also has to undergo “training” related to his comments!

“They [his tweets] were inappropriate and unacceptable, and we regret the negative impact these comments had on such an important weekend for the NFL,” said Coach Joe Philbin in a statement. “We met with Don today about respect, discrimination and judgment …”

Respect? Have the Miami Dolphins and the NFL lost their minds? What about the disrespect and lack of judgment Michael Sam showed for families and children when he decided to pull that gross stunt on national TV?

Michael Sam says he wants to be judged for his performance on the field, yet it’s clear his real passion is promoting his flamboyant homosexual lifestyle. Sam is hawking pro-gay, rainbow-colored “Stand with Sam” T-shirts and paraphernalia on his website.

He secretly inked a deal with Oprah Winfrey’s network to do a documentary about his “life” without notifying his new team. Thank God, as a result of the negative reaction from players, the documentary has now been postponed.

It’s not hateful for Dolphins player Don Jones to point out that Sam’s gay mouth kissing was “horrible”; it was spot on! The team’s overreaction is an attack on free speech, and it will have a chilling effect across the league. We expect this kind of assault on individual freedom in communist North Korea, not in the United States!

They want respect for their way of life, but they don’t want to respect our way of life. If they can kill free speech and silence these guys, they can silence you, too!

I don’t know how Christian men can watch the NFL after the league’s cavalier disregard for decency and after the punishment they’re dishing out to players who exercise their freedom of speech. If you’re still spending money on games, souvenirs and supporting the NFL brand and you call yourself a Christian, you’re a liar and the truth is not in you!

The “Duck Dynasty” controversy with A&E and now the Benham brothers at HGTV are great examples that prove we can win. When the Benham brothers were hammered by LGBT groups for their conservative views and had their show pulled, Sun Trust mortgage, one of their clients, decided to stop doing business with them. Then, just like in the “Duck Dynasty” situation, because of the uproar from their loyal fans, Sun Trust announced last week that it was reversing its decision to again do business with the real-estate entrepreneurs! Onward Christian soldiers!

We do have the power to say “no” and stop evil if we’ll unite and stand for what is right.



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