Obama’s list is not like Schindler’s

By Joseph Farah

Tell me I’m dreaming.

Not since Yasser Arafat won the Nobel Peace Prize have I been so outraged about an award.

Tomorrow, director Steven Spielberg is going to honor Barack Obama with the “Ambassador to Humanity Award” of his University of Southern California Shoah Foundation, founded to ensure the lessons and memories of the Holocaust are not forgotten by future generations.

Obama will combine a Los Angeles fundraising swing with a speech at a gala celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Shoah Foundation. Shoah is the Hebrew word for holocaust.

“President Obama’s commitment to democracy and human rights has long been felt,” Spielberg, director of “Schindler’s List,” said in a statement. “As a constitutional scholar and as president, his interest in expanding justice and opportunity for all is remarkably evident.”

In making the announcement, Spielberg, one of Obama’s top donors in 2012, seemed consciously to avoid making a connection between Obama and his work in fostering Holocaust remembrance or even a commitment to the Jewish people.

It’s no wonder.

Obama has no track record of accomplishment in those areas. In fact, I would argue he has not been a friend to Jews or the state of Israel.

I’ll go further.

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It’s difficult to image a more inappropriate person than Barack Obama to receive an award associated with Holocaust remembrance. The other names that come to mind for me would be John Kerry, Obama’s secretary of state, who recently characterized Israel as an “apartheid state,” perhaps the mullahs in Iran who constantly call for Israel’s destruction, perhaps Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority or the leaders of terrorist organizations like Hezbollah or Hamas.

No U.S. president since Israel was reborn in 1948 has been less of a friend to Israel or the Jewish people than Barack Obama. He seeks to redraw the nation’s borders in a way that would leave Israel unable to defend itself. He has sought to freeze building by Jews in and around Israel’s capital. He seeks a so-called peace agreement that would involve ethnic cleansing of Jews in a future Palestinian state. Obama is not operating in the spirit of Oscar Schindler. On the contrary, he is operating in the spirit of those who appeased Adolf Hitler in the 1930s. He is operating in the spirit of those who looked the other way as 6 million Jews were exterminated. He is operating in the spirit of those who had an opportunity to save Jews from death in the Holocaust but did nothing.

In short, Obama’s list of humanitarian priorities is not like Schindler’s.

With anti-Semitism rearing its ugly head against throughout the world, particularly in the Middle East and Islamic nations, but even in Europe again and here in the U.S., what has Obama done to counter the spread of anti-Jewish hatred?

I’m scratching my head trying to think of one thing.

  • He supported the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Syria.
  • He demands Israel continue to divide the miniscule amount of land it holds among the vast stretches of the hostile Middle East.
  • He pushes Israel to make peace at any cost with neighbors who are sworn to the Jewish state’s destruction.
  • He sat in the Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s pews for 20 years and never noticed that he was a raving anti-Semite bigot.
  • He bowed to the Saudi king, but let Benjamin Netanyahu cool his heels in the outer office when he visited the White House.

I could go on and on, believe me.

But what has me bugged as much as the undeserved award for Obama is the fact that it is offered by Spielberg, a Jew, and a foundation pledged to keep the memory of the Holocaust alive for future generations.

Why does it take an Arab-American Christian to point out the obvious? Honoring Barack Obama in this way ensures that the threshold by which Jews measure their friends couldn’t be much lower.

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