It comes with controversy, but the Bible reveals that spiritual warfare against Israel and the Jewish people is a reality.

The anti-Semitism we see in history and today in the physical world was actually first manifested in the spiritual world. We often look at what goes on in the physical world and forget what we’ve been told in Paul’s letter of warning to the Ephesians.

“When you look closely at the spiritual warfare over the Land, there are two places there that the enemy clearly wants to destroy more than any place on earth: Jerusalem and Judea-Samaria,” states Pastor Steve Bliss, who shares inspired insight into this unseen world. “The whole concept of anti-Semitism is nothing more than men against men doing wicked things with hatred or violence for the purpose of accomplishing darkness, but the big picture is far more dramatic and important to understand than just what is taking place in the natural.”

Pastor Bliss further states, “This is a spiritual war. This is an ancient war … a war in the ‘heavenlies.’ It may look like it is done on a natural state, and clearly there are dynamics that are definitely real, but the inspiration comes from the principalities and powers that are fallen, the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms that Paul talks about in Ephesians 6:12. Those powers are overarching, sinister and intended to influence minds for the purpose of destruction.”

Tommy Waller of HaYovel speaks about his many experiences in Israel that have shown him where the battlefield lies and what we must do to win. HaYovel is the only international humanitarian organization supporting farming and archaeological programs in Judea-Samaria. Each year, HaYovel brings a growing number of volunteers to the biblical heartland to serve local farmers.

“Jerusalem and Judea-Samaria are the focus of the U.N. and the United States today,” said Tommy. “These are the hotspots. The enemy wants to stop the messianic seed by destroying the Jewish race, and those places are special places because they were the places God spoke covenant to His people.”

He asks this question, “If the enemy has focused his opposition to establishing the Land, what should we be focused on?”

He further states that “today, to be able to fully establish the Land … we will need to go in with power! I’m talking about the power of the Holy Spirit as demonstrated in Acts 1:8. We will need this power to give us the ability to accomplish this great feat. The Holy Spirit must be a part of what we are doing … to take the Land again!”

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