Author and conservative activist Richard Viguerie

A prominent conservative strategist is taking strong exception to the perception that the tea-party movement is losing ground among voters.

Richard Viguerie, author of “Takeover: The 100-Year War for the Soul of the GOP and How Conservatives Can Finally Win,” is urging activists to contact media and refute the idea that the GOP establishment has silenced the tea party.

Writing for “Conservative HQ” this week, Viguerie says the tea party is alive and well.

“The tea-party movement is winning and I urge you to call your local talk-radio program and write a letter to the editor of your local paper with these points to rebut anyone promoting the idea that the tea party is dead or a declining force in politics today,” Viguerie writes.

He notes that even in instances in which tea-party candidates have lost – such as this week’s North Carolina Senate primary, in which challenger Greg Brannon came in second to Republican state Speaker of the House Thom Tillis – constitutional conservatives are winning with their ideas. 

“Tea-party candidates are being outspent sometimes 10-to-1 or even 20-to-1 as in the North Carolina Senate race,” says Viguerie. “The story the establishment media isn’t telling is that down-ballot, limited-government, constitutional-conservative candidates continue to win, for example in Indiana where two incumbent establishment Republican state legislators were defeated in the primary.”

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Viguerie has decades of experience in conservative politics and is keen on telling voters how they can win, so that truly representative government can work for them.

“As I have documented throughout this book, the greatest impediment to conservative governance is not the Democrats and liberals — it is the progressive leadership of the Big Government Republican establishment in the halls of Congress, state houses, and at Republican Headquarters, especially at the Republican National Committee,” he says.

“To accomplish this vision, conservatives must change the way the Republican primary election game is played so as to give qualified, boat-rocking conservative candidates like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul far better chances of defeating establishment Republicans.”

Viguerie told WND proper perspective and focus can help the tea party overcome traditional advantages enjoyed by the establishment parties.

“I have a number of themes in my book, but a major theme is that conservatives have had their political guns pointed at the wrong targets all these years,” he said. “This is literally a 102-year-old war. But you’re going to lose a war if you don’t realize you’re in one. The GOP will not be going to the to the political promised land until we get new leaders.”

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