Of course Obama threatens more executive orders. None of the RINOs in Congress have done absolutely anything to stop this tyrant’s behavior since he usurped the office of president. Many of the useless politicians in the Senate are daily encouraging Obama to use executive orders to continue to turn this nation into a Marxist-controlled government. And most of the uninformed, apathetic voters of this nation could care less as long as this usurper continues to promise them free handouts.

In my opinion, many of the GOP leaders have remained silent about Obama using executive orders to get his way is because they secretly approve of what Obama is doing to transform our nation into a godless, communist, sexually perverted government.

Most of the politicians now ruling over us are as useless as milk glands on a rooster. No wonder their approval rating is at an all-time low.

Things will only continue to get worse until we stop putting our trust in evil, corrupt politicians and repent of all the sins that have brought us to this point and turn back to doing the will of a sovereign and holy God and stop calling good, evil and evil, good.

Larry F.

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