It should be clear by now that the U.S. cannot both protect Israel and strive to be liked by her enemies. You cannot weaken that protection without weakening America’s moral values, which form the basis of America’s greatness.

Our greatest ally, Israel, is on the front line in the war on terror. To stand with Israel, regardless of the arguments, is truly in our best interest. A weakened Israel would embolden Islamist regimes and the spread of radical Islam.

The notion that the radical Islamists will become pro-American or stop attacking America if we weaken our support of Israel betrays ignorance of evil. Aside from compromising America’s moral essence, to weaken American support of Israel will only strengthen the America-hating Islamists.

This war against this anti-Christ foe continues daily worldwide, and we must understand as believers that God holds us responsible for standing up for Israel, regardless of the decisions our government makes. We cannot live in fear. We must all do our part.

On this episode of Focus On Israel, the threat of Islamofacism is examined in PJTN’s award winning documentary, “Lest We Forget,” a featured documentary at the 2006 Liberty Film Festival.

It is a strong wake-up call to the clear parallel between current events and the Nazi’s rise to power in the 1930s. This is a warning we must not forget.

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