The safety of the people, said the political philosophers of ancient Rome, is the very highest law. Salus populi suprema lex. Now ask yourself this. Do you feel safer now that Mr. Obama has set free five hardened terrorists and has gotten just one U.S. soldier back from the terrorists’ organization in return?

I, for one, do not feel safer. For oil-fired Islamic terrorism remains one of the world’s gravest dangers. Mr. Obama, who has rightly faced more criticism for this near-treason than for anything else he has done since he first occupied the White House, has come up with the lamest of excuses for a wrong decision. This, he said, is what happens when wars come to an end.

When the Second World War ended, the chief architects of the unspeakable crimes against humanity perpetrated by the Nazi regime were not released. They were rounded up, carefully identified (for some had tried to conceal who they were), put on public trial for crimes against humanity, convicted and executed.

An act on the scale of 9/11, which precipitated America’s global war on terror, is a crime against humanity. It merits trial and, where the perpetrators are found guilty, retributive punishment. That is what happens – or, rather, should happen – when crimes against humanity have been committed.

Think of the thousands of U.S., British, and allied servicemen who went gallantly to their deaths to try to remove the regimes of terror in Iraq and Afghanistan. What are their families likely to think of Mr. Obama’s decision (taken, like so many of the dictator’s decisions these days, behind the back of the elected Congress) to pardon the very type of terrorists whose murderous act had sent those gallant servicemen into harm’s way?

Why, then, did Mr. Obama take that bizarre decision? One reason stands out above all the rest. He is not a natural-born citizen of the United States. He is a citizen of Indonesia. He does not consider himself as owing any loyalty whatsoever to the United States Constitution, which debars him from holding the office he occupies. During his first election campaign, he spoke openly of the Constitution as an obstacle.

He was brought up as a Communist. He despises the liberty and democracy and prosperity that has made the United States powerful. He loathes capitalism. He execrates the West. He has on several occasions either identified himself as a Muslim or identified himself with Islamic causes. On the basis that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend,” he has shown himself relentlessly unwilling to stand up for America in the face of Islamic terror. And now he has shown himself willing to stand up for Islamic terror in the face of America.

True, Mr. bin Ladin was dealt with on his watch. Yet he has done what the left are far more prone to do than the center-right. He has run down America’s armed forces. He has fatally attenuated her capacity to project the power and the vision of freedom in defense of those around the world to whom it is still denied.

America’s enemies have noticed her new-found weakness and are openly gloating at it. Mr. Obama made a spectacularly ill-judged commencement speech at West Point, where the future leaders of the U.S. Army are trained, telling the baffled cadets that America had rushed into foreign wars too readily, and not giving sufficient emphasis to the fact that America maintains armed forces in a constant state of readiness to put themselves in harm’s way precisely because it is sometimes necessary to rush in.

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Ayatollah Khamenei of Iran, on learning of Obama’s much-criticized speech, promptly staged a rally at which he poured scorn on the United States and stated that it was clear America no longer had the will to fight. A banner across the stage said, “America cannot do a darned thing.”

The Romans got that one right, too. They used to say: “If you want peace, be ever ready for war.” Si vis pacem, para bellum. That is where the name “Parabellum” for the famous revolver came from.

But the intellectual and military history of the West in general and of the United States in particular means nothing to Mr. Obama. For, even if he were born in the United States, even if the Hawaiian “birth certificate” on the White House website/crime scene were not a transparent forgery, even if he had renounced his Indonesian citizenship and had obtained U.S. citizenship, even if he had not claimed a university grant on the basis that he was a foreigner, even if his draft card were not a forgery, he hates America and all that she stands for.

Like so many on the extreme left, Mr. Obama regards himself as transcending mere national interest. The left like to call themselves “internationalists.” Theirs is the first attempt at a globally imposed political credo. Their marching song is the “Internationale.” One of their longest-standing objectives has been and remains the neutralization of the United States.

Consider how much weaker America is now than she was before Mr. Obama took office. She is cripplingly in debt. She is running down her armed forces dangerously. She has set free some of the most brutal terrorists so that they can at once plot further atrocities. She is openly mocked by her enemies for her visible weakness.

Obama is delighted. The weakness of America was precisely his objective. His final act will be to use his continuing majority in the Senate to enmesh America in a series of foreign treaties with no get-out clauses, so that any future Republican administration wishing to dismantle the global socialism embodied in those treaties – just read the draft Copenhagen climate treaty if you want to grasp the sheer scale of what they are trying to do – will find that it has no right to reverse the policies those treaties enshrine.

It is this last item which may yet prove to be his most enduring legacy. For when he is no longer in the White House the immunity that has protected him from a thorough investigation of the bogus “birth certificate” and draft card, and of the potentially fraudulent application for a grant on the basis of foreign status, will end.

If he is found not to have been validly president, all the acts of Congress that bear his signature will forthwith become null and void. That will be the end of Soetero”care.” Only the foreign treaties will remain as an enduring, irremovable millstone around America’s neck.

The wisdom of George Washington and John Jay in insisting that no one should become president who was not a natural-born citizen should be now be self-evident. And so it is, except to those who hate their own country because they prefer international socialist slavery to the glorious vision of your Founding Fathers that all men should be free.

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