In my latest blog post, I discuss the poll in which a majority of Americans agreed with the view that the Bergdahl swap warrants Barack Obama’s impeachment and removal from office. Outraged over the Bergdahl swap, many people have awakened to the need to deal with Obama’s de facto coup d’état attempt, which they may finally have found the eyes to see. But as with a person startled from sleep, crying out and casting about in confusion, this momentary scramble to stave off suddenly perceived danger is unlikely to be long-lasting or effective.

Of course there’s no shortage of folk willing to take advantage of it. Listening to the startled cry for help, they respond with offers to arrange and orchestrate the outcry, giving it form in terms of demonstrations, petitions, “pink slips to Congress” and other assorted projects. Such efforts may be useful in helping people to come fully awake. They are particularly helpful when they involve informing people in greater depth about what the nation is suffering, as a result of the attack on its Constitution, rights and sovereignty, in this or that area of concern.

But in the end none of these manifestations of alarm constitutes the effective manifestation of political will needed to implement the Constitutional provisions put in place to deal with such a time as this. As far as that’s concerned, the only poll that matters is the one that will take place on Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2014. Because it will determine the composition of the new Congress that convenes in 2015, it has the potential to be more than just an expression of opinion or outrage. It could be an expression of effective political will.

Tragically, many Americans seem no longer to believe in this possibility. This tragic lack of confidence is no accident. It has been fomented by, and serves the purposes of, the elitist faction forces seeking to discard constitutionally limited government. They don’t care how loudly people decry what’s happening. They are happy to encourage them to do so, so long as they don’t remember and organize to make effective use of the opportunity the Constitution gives directly to the people themselves, to forge the instrument that can bring the march toward tyranny to a halt.

The corrupted character of the present sham party system is part and parcel of this elitist faction ploy. Clamoring for accountability, people are misled to believe that they can only hold one party accountable by electing the other. But this leads to the notion that they must vote for some party label, regardless of the fact that the person wearing it is not bound to any particular the course of action that, above all, the country needs. In this respect, the GOP, in particular, has become an example of what Nancy Pelosi said about the Obamacare legislation: “You have to vote for it before you can know what’s in it.” And if you don’t like what you get, you can “hold their feet to the fire” in the next election.

Sign the petition urging Congress to begin impeachment proceedings against President Barack Obama NOW

But when the next election rolls around, the “fire” is put out using the same argument. This results in a political process that leaves people devoid of representation because they can always be talked out of using their vote to achieve it. Hence, even though people vote, their vote never produces a result that corresponds to their conscientious sense of what the country requires.

Is there no remedy for this ever deepening electoral anemia? The answer is actually simple: Voters must conscientiously decide what they think is most needful, and cast their vote accordingly, without regard to party propaganda. Perhaps just as importantly, they must make clear their political will in this regard before the election takes place. They must demand that candidates openly pledge themselves to give first priority to dealing with the one thing that is most needful, or else no vote for them will be forthcoming.

This use to be the purpose of party platforms. But when tyranny threatens, the one thing most needed is to stop it before the nation is destroyed. We now face such a threat. Obama is its figurehead, but it involves the elitist faction leadership in both parties. So without regard to party or self-interested calculation, the ongoing attack on constitutional self-government must be stopped, or Americans will find themselves living without recourse in a country where they have no choice but to accept the dictates of power. The form of government that empowers their vote will be no more.

The pledge to impeach mobilization is not about showing how people feel. It’s about making clear what, as voters, they intend to do. It’s about helping people come together in a way that concretely manifests their common determination to vote only for candidates who pledge to initiate and follow through on the constitutional process for calling Obama and all his cohorts and collaborators to account. As their number is seen to grow, candidates for national office in the midterm elections will feel the pressure – not as an abstract notion, but as a tangible opportunity to reap thousands of votes by the simple step of pledging to do what the survival of the nation’s liberty requires.

This is a way of registering voter intent before election day, empowered by 21st-century technology, that will help to assure that the principles of right, liberty and self-government, which were discerned at our nation’s founding in the 18th century, do not now succumb to a power-grubbing clique of old-fashioned would-be tyrants.

A political blockbuster and guide for Congress to draw up articles of impeachment — Aaron Klein’s “Impeachable Offenses: The Case for Removing Barack Obama from Office”

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