Do men hate women – justifiably?

By Patrice Lewis

Recently, WND posted an article entitled “You won’t believe new campus rules on ‘rape’” on the subject of how “rape” is being reclassified as any sexual conduct, no matter how mutually consenting.

But it was the blistering commentary that followed the article – well over a thousand comments – that was educational. What astonished me was the level of anger from men. And I mean pure sputtering fury – fury at the arbitrary and unfair feminist societal standards that have been imposed on men to worsening degrees over the last 20 or 30 years. These standards have denied men the ability to be MEN and have turned women into harridans. In short, there was a lot of pain in those comments, much of it from men who are tired of being stigmatized merely for possessing a Y chromosome.

A small sampling:

  • “[W]hat your campus feminist shariah tribunals are trying to do [is deny] men the civil rights accorded to all by the Constitution and our traditions of law. It is an attempt to answer the question: How do we allow young women to engage in a psychologically damaging promiscuity while relieving her of the responsibility for the remorse she will feel if she does what we encourage her to do? Your answer is to call her consensual partner a rapist so she can assume the mantle of victim and not that of equal agent. Pressure relieved, bring on the next romp. Of course, the law will not permit that strategy. So the feminist answer is to bypass the law and convene a feminist shariah show trial. Sacrificing young men to the feminist agenda.
    And you wonder why I warn young men to stay away from American women.”

  • “Feminists want it both ways, and if legally abusing men is what it takes to get there, then that is what they will do.”
  • “Problem with understanding the rules is that they CHANGE according to the whim of the women. Men do not usually change the rules according to whim. Women write the rules and they change them based on anything. Males are doomed.”
  • “Men, stay away from these women. Feminism has made them psychotic. They have nothing that is of value to a man except their feminist promiscuity, and that is a danger.”
  • “Nothing like staunch feminism! Feministic hatred must be a real problem for many a young female in this country (and our president). No matter where one goes, there is a palpable hatred for anything male/masculine, and it comes in many forms.”

The purpose of this column is NOT to address the fluctuating definition of rape. It is to point out the pain and damage the feminist movement has caused to our society.

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Feminism has made men fearful to be men. It denies them the ability to fulfill their biological programming as protectors and providers, because to do so is “sexist.” Women can, and do, ruin men at the drop of a hat – trash their reputation, deprive them of their employment, rip away their children – all because of an errant word or deed women deem contrary to the feminist mantra. It’s getting to the point where many men hate women because of this.

And this is progress? This is the kind of society feminists want?

In a scathing essay entitled “The Anti-Romeos: Feminism’s Assault on Masculinity,” author Amber Pawlik wrote: “Masculinity is never associated with anything positive by feminists. They consistently equate masculinity with violence. … Indeed, violence imposed on society by men is one thing, but is nothing compared to the violence men impose on women. The worst thing a woman can do, in feminist eyes, is enter a relationship with a man, or at least one who has not been effectively emasculated. Feminists do not make their stance on heterosexual relationships a mystery: inherently violent, masculine males will only serve to abuse women.”

Feminism has poisoned women against their biological inheritance as nurturers and child-bearers. To be feminine is now anathema to a feminist. To embrace being a wife and mother is betraying the sisterhood. To like men – to genuinely appreciate manly qualities – is tantamount to heresy.

This whole mess has resulted in two things. Women, having been taught that they can Do It All, have become promiscuous, contemptuous of men and scornful of homemaking. Men, having been taught that they are useless and unnecessary, have become promiscuous, contemptuous of women and reluctant to take on the responsibilities of providing for a family.

Needless to say this has resulted in an escalating war between the sexes. Old-fashioned traditional relationships are hard to develop, even for those who want them. Women who are conditioned to believe their lives are one long string of victimhood are rarely able to settle into mature, content, happy relationships where men are valued and children are welcomed. Men who have never met a feminine woman often conclude that marriage is too dangerous and shy away from committing themselves to being responsible husbands and fathers.

Feminists, having taken over everything from court systems to universities to government, have become drunk with power. Men have learned the hard way what happens when they challenge a feminist. Bluntly put, a man’s life can be ruined by women. A woman can remove his beloved children from his care; she can have him jailed with an unsubstantiated accusation of rape; she can ruin his career by crying harassment because he “looked at her sexually.” And frequently the damage done isn’t limited to just the man under attack. All too often, it’s children who are caught in the crossfire. Children are ripped apart by unnecessary divorce, children are indoctrinated into feminism, boys are treated as criminals because their bodies create testosterone, girls are treated as heroes merely for having two X chromosomes.

In short, women hold the trump card in our feminized society, and men know it. If I were a man, I’d shy away from women too. What a horrible, twisted, mixed-up world.

I don’t believe most men hate women. But many men hate feminists. And honestly, I can’t say I blame them.

This can’t continue. At some point a backlash against feminism will occur. The interesting thing is those who will fare best after this societal breakdown are those who have quietly embraced traditional values in the first place.

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