Black Americans have a history of falling for some of the craziest cons and hoaxes ever conceived. Like the conspiracy about how Church’s Fried Chicken restaurant chain was owned by the Ku Klux Klan and the recipe would make all black men sterile.

In the ’90s Rep. Maxine Waters D-Calif., convinced many blacks that the CIA was flooding the inner cities with crack cocaine to wipe them out.

The Snapple beverage company fell victim to the urban legend that the small “k” on its bottles stood for KKK. The original owners were actually Jewish, and the “k” meant that it was certified kosher.

And Nation of Islam founder Louis Farrakhan has promoted the idea that a black scientist named Yakub (who lived “6,600 years ago”) was responsible for creating the white race to be a “race of devils.” Unreal!

These examples of black groupthink are laughable, but this type of mindset has grave real-world consequences.

A chilling example is the tragic tale of Jim Jones and his followers. Jones was the charismatic cult leader who orchestrated the mass suicide of 914 of his followers (including more than 200 children). It’s not surprising that most of Jones’ followers were black, since most blacks are conditioned to follow leaders.

Liberal Democrats have tricked blacks into voting against their own interests for decades. Let’s examine some of their greatest “hits”:

‘Necessity’ of the Voting Rights Act

The con: Democrat leaders recently called on their colleagues to update the 1965 Voting Rights Act (restores special federal oversight of elections in a handful of states based on their past history of discrimination).

Purpose of the con: To convince blacks that white racism is alive and well, and that liberal Democrats are their safe harbor.

How it works: Most blacks have been conditioned by liberals and the black race hustlers that Republicans want to “disenfranchise” black voters. Therefore, it doesn’t take much to convince blacks that unless the Voting Rights Act is renewed, whites will take away their right to vote and maybe even put them back on the slave plantation!

The evidence: There’s far more evidence of voter fraud than voter disenfranchisement.

Barack Obama: The great emancipator

The con: The Democratic Party, the civil rights establishment and the mainstream media convinced blacks not to look at Obama’s far-left associations, ideology or record, but rather to be enamored by the prospect of electing the “first African-American president.”

Purpose of the con: To use black voters to elect a far-left socialist Democrat who would carry out an agenda that was actually detrimental to blacks and this nation.

How it works: Promise blacks jobs, opportunities and health care while doing nothing meaningful to uplift them.

The evidence:Blacks are worse off today than under any other administration in recent history. Black unemployment is almost 12 percent. (Black youth unemployment is almost 50 percent.) Under Obama, there have been more babies aborted than jobs created.

The black and brown ‘brotherhood’

The con: Democrats and civil-rights groups pretend that blacks and Hispanics are united.

Purpose of the con: To unite people of “color” against whites to keep the Democrats’ minority voting base intact.

How it works: Black and Hispanic “leaders” have forged a phony alliance to shake down taxpayers and corporations to deliver programs and freebies for their constituents.

The evidence:Black and Hispanic unity is a lie.Nearly half of black Los Angeles residents have moved out of the city because of violence and intimidation by Hispanic gangs. In Boyle Heights (outside Los Angeles), Hispanic thugs firebombed three apartments occupied by black residents.

Tea-party villains

The con: Equating the tea party with the Ku Klux Klan.

Purpose of the con: To redirect the dissatisfaction and anger that exists in the black community toward a political target that’s a scapegoat for the failings of liberal policies.

How it works: Allies of establishment Sen. Thad Cochran, R-Miss., helped disseminate flyers in black neighborhoods warning, “The tea party intends to prevent blacks from voting.” The scare tactic worked, and some 25,000-35,000 blacks voted against tea-party favorite Chris McDaniel in the Republican Senate runoff. Most blacks are angry and resentful toward whites, as they have been taught that whites are the cause of their problems, not the anger in their own hearts. Their leaders use this anger and redirect it toward whites (especially the tea party) for political gain. What’s new is that RINO Republicans are now using historically liberal Democrat tactics.

The evidence: Once again – none! In 2010, the Congressional Black Caucus accused tea-party members of hurling racial epithets and spiting at them at a rally in D.C. Despite the presence of dozens of cameras and hundreds of people, there was no evidence to back up their allegations.

Breaking the con

Jesus famously said, “The Truth shall set you free!” Exposing these outrageous cons perpetrated by liberals, and now RINO Republicans, will allow honest blacks to see that they’ve been played. Once they see the game, they will turn away from their false leaders who are doing real damage to the black community, take back their freedom and regain their sanity at last.

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