Can you remember the last time a candidate was more out of touch with Americans than Hillary Clinton? Never since John Kerry’s white-gloved presidential run did we see such an out-of-touch candidate.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign launched last week! She is calling it a book tour, but we all know she is trying to position herself for a presidential run.

She is doing a few interviews, and some of them are actually a little challenging. She was asked about Benghazi, and, instead of answering the question, she said they would have to read the book if they wanted to know what she was doing and thinking during the Benghazi attack.

She was also asked about the money she and President Clinton were making after they left the White House. All of those houses cost a lot of money, she said.  When Diane Sawyer asked her how Hillary could say they struggled when she made $5 million, and Bill made $100 million, she responded that it was not easy (with a completely straight face). We had to piece together enough money to pay for the houses (more than one multi-million dollar home), and for Chelsea’s education (at the most exclusive schools in the country). Did Hillary really think that was going to help the family with three kids who can’t pay for gas to get to work this week relate to her?

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No one asked how it is that the Clintons came out of the White House in debt in the first place. They made almost half-a-million dollars in salary and expense allowances each year in the White House, and Bill even gave himself a raise. All of their housing, travel, meals and expenses were covered by the taxpayers during their time there. What did they do with the money they had upon entering the White House?

The Clinton’s bought two homes, one in New York, and one in Washington, D.C., as they were exiting the White house. The price on the New York home was $1.7 million, and the home in D.C. was $2.85 million. How does someone who is dead broke afford those homes? The low-information voter may not be watching the evening news, but they aren’t dumb enough to believe the Clintons were ever broke.

Wait for it … Hillary’s next move will be to try to relate to real families playing the Grandma card.  But she is in a bit of a dilemma because of the Democratic Party’s affinity for the hip and trendy. She must be trying to think of a way to make “Grandma” the new, hip thing to be, so we can wish her luck with that.  While some grandmas truly make it seem cool, somehow I am not feeling it with Hillary.

Not since John Kerry have we seen such white-gloved elitism manifest in the party that tries to parade as an advocate for the common guy. But then, it was John Kerry who gave Americans the right to be stupid.  That was good of him. Hillary is going to need it as she spirals down the path toward JKD, or John Kerry disorder.

Another candidate in recent memory who had a touch of John Kerry disorder was Mitt Romney. We know how that turned out for the GOP. Elitists are not electable. So, maybe the GOP will get it together and nominate someone who can connect with the American people.

Meanwhile, if things get too rough for Hillary, maybe John Kerry can give her a ride in his swift boat. Oh wait. That’s a yacht. Yachts are great places to reminisce about the hard times.

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