One wonders if Hillary Clinton and her minions are aware that their job in presenting her as a viable presidential candidate will be far more difficult than it was for Barack Obama’s handlers. Even though he had the disadvantage of being profoundly inexperienced, at least he was an unknown commodity. Hillary Clinton is not.

Over the last week, the former first lady and secretary of state has been hawking her latest book, “Hard Choices,” which the New York Times called “a statesmanlike document intended to attest to Mrs. Clinton’s wide-ranging experience on national security and on foreign policy.”

Well, consider the source. I suppose the surgeon who’s performed 10,000 surgeries and lost every patient could be said to have “wide-ranging experience.”

Clinton’s book is very obviously meant to “soften up the ground” for her presidential run. Per her discussions with the press, it is evident that her intent is damage control pertaining to her role in the Benghazi scandal and to distance herself from the more damaging Obama policies that necessarily remain foremost in the minds of Americans.

Hillary’s detractors rightly point out her inexperience, but one thing at which she is well-practiced is political fluency. Some of her statements have been positively laughable, such as the claim that she and Bill were “dead broke” when they left the White House in 2001, and that Benghazi was a good reason for her to run for president, as opposed to not. The answers do come quickly, however; there is none of the hemming and hawing we get from Obama on the rare occasions he’s been caught off-teleprompter.

Still, selling Hillary to an electorate that, if somewhat superficial in many aspects, is at least aware that she’s fairly close to Obama in policy and ideology won’t be easy. I mean, if you’re a liberal or independent who’s fed up with Obama, why would you want to elect someone formerly in his Cabinet?

An advantage Hillary Clinton would have – as did Obama – is the cult of personality. Obama’s ethnicity and the perception of him as a groundbreaking figure had more to do with his election than many are willing to admit, and I would go as far as to say it has played a major role in keeping him out of an orange jumpsuit – but I digress.

Hillary Clinton and her handlers would be mighty dim indeed if they didn’t play the “gender card,” advertising her as potentially being America’s first woman president. Then, despite the shady dealings in which she and her husband engaged, her health issues, shrill voice and porcine countenance, she is still well-loved by many within the liberal base. The cult of personality factor could loom nearly as large as it did during Obama’s first campaign.

Now, I could be completely wrong about Hillary’s prospects. I did predict in 2008 that the Clinton machine would run over little Barack Obama like a wind-whipped plains fire through dry grass – and we know how that worked out. She could conceivably drop dead prior to 2016, or suffer a health-related episode so severe that it would preclude her running for the bathroom, let alone president.

The real challenges to Ms. Clinton lie not in manufacturing a persona that uninformed voters will go for, her health, or even surmounting her negative experience index. As much as she might like to distance herself from Obama policy, Benghazi, and the like, her political future is, at the moment, inextricably tied to Obama. The Benghazi scandal is probably first and foremost in her mind; if the truth does get out about that fateful night and the administration’s actions after the attack, there will be criminal prosecutions, and she will be among those charged.

Even escaping the worst of any potential Benghazi fallout, should the decades-long relationship she and her husband (former President Bill Clinton) have with the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist enemies of the United States be revealed, it would certainly torpedo her chances at the presidency. The evidence for these links is overwhelming, and based on the available information, it is pretty apparent that Hillary and Bill actually served to “soften up the ground” for Obama in that respect during Bill’s administration. So, if Obama goes down hard, it is very likely that Hillary will go down as well.

As a human being, I’d have to say that Hillary frightens me even more than Obama. I believe that she might be even eviler than he as a person. While Obama is a communist and Islamist sympathizer (either that or a closet Muslim and a communist sympathizer), and probably a dangerous sociopath, he is a meticulous ideologue who has been able to effectively maintain his façade. I think Hillary is more like the Queen of Hearts from “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,” who could order an errant aide summarily castrated before her entire Cabinet. That’s to say nothing of how much further she would advance her own uber-left agenda.

The most frightening thing with regard to a Hillary Clinton presidency, given what we know about the electorate and what we’ve seen political machinery accomplish in recent years, is this:

It could actually happen.

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