• A president using all the forces of the federal government to reward friends and destroy enemies;
  • A president defying the Constitution and the Bill of Rights to advance his own interests;
  • A president weakening the U.S. military, dismantling its national defenses and putting America’s security in grave jeopardy;
  • A president ignoring two centuries of immigration laws to drag as many illegal aliens as possible across U.S. borders, keep them from assimilating, addict them to dependency and, ultimately, buy their loyalty at the polls;
  • A president shielded from all accountability by both a supportive and parroting mainstream liberal media, and the power-hungry cabal of his own party in Congress who will do whatever it takes to win;
  • A president whose behavior demands impeachment, but who doubles-down on destroying the fabric of America because he knows the GOP congressional leadership is too weak-willed to bring him to justice.

Sound familiar? Just like it came out of today’s headlines, right?

Now imagine if we could add one more sentence to this litany: A handful of patriots in Congress mapped out a successful plan to impeach the renegade president, brought him to the bar of constitutional justice, and ended the tyrannical assault upon America’s cherished Constitution.

“Forget it,” you say. “It can’t or won’t happen.”

You’re half-right. It can happen – and it already has. But it won’t happen unless every concerned American who craves the freedom begat to us by the founders reads the blueprint for battle.

How do we know the blueprint works? Because it already has.

The above scenario faced a handful of GOP congressman 16 years ago. The president wasn’t Barack Obama; it was Bill Clinton. Despite a fawning liberal media, a 75 percent approval rating, a united Democratic Party covering for his multiple crimes, and a cowardly and fractured GOP congressional leadership at the helm, former Rep. Jim Rogan and a small handful of his colleagues demanded constitutional accountability and refused to back down; in the end, they pulled off the most stunning political coup in American history – and in so doing, they forever tattooed Clinton with the constitutional stain of impeachment and neutered his further assault on the rule of law.

In his acclaimed book, “Catching Our Flag: Behind the Scenes of a Presidential Impeachment,” Rogan, the former impeachment manager in the House of Representatives, lays out the template to lead the reader, step by step, of how to get a very reluctant Congress to impeach a very popular president. If it worked against Bill Clinton, who enjoyed a 75 percent approval rating, it will work against Barack Obama and his continually pathetic poll numbers.

Rogan walks the reader through the key steps of victory, among which are:

  • How to articulate the case for presidential impeachment so the average voter can understand it;
  • How to mobilize available forces to battle the despot in whose hands are all the throttles of government;
  • How to cobble together an impeachment majority, including pulling in GOP congressmen who had already announced they’d never vote for impeachment – and bring on board several Democrats in Congress to stand against their president;
  • How to show America that the presidential elections, like presidential impeachments, are all part of the same Constitution, and that one is entitled to no greater deference than the other;
  • Most importantly, who the Republican traitors are that still play on the national political stage, how they (and their new group of acolytes) will try to undermine the process in private while claiming public support for it, and how to be prepared to deal with and expose them.

George Santayana famously warned, “Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.” America cannot long survive as a free republic if patriotic Americans – right now – do not study Rogan’s blueprint, and then join with today’s congressional patriots to bring an end to this despotic regime.

“Catching Our Flag” is far more than a history book: It is a primer for the epic constitutional war that must come for the republic to survive.

Rogan is also a greatly under-appreciated human resource in America today who tells his amazing life story in his acclaimed autobiography, “Rough Edges: My Unlikely Road from Welfare to Washington.”

He’s a former gang-murder prosecutor in the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office who was chosen as a freshman member of the House Judiciary Committee to help lead the prosecution of Bill Clinton. He serves currently as a judge of the Superior Court of California and is an adjunct law professor. But that is just part of a life story that contains more drama than found in 10 lives. Born to a single mother – a cocktail waitress and convicted felon on welfare – Rogan grew up without knowing his father who abandoned him before his birth.

After a rough-and-tumble childhood in San Francisco’s hardscrabble Mission District, he was expelled from high school, became a bartender on Hollywood’s Sunset Strip and in a Hell’s Angels’ biker bar, and worked as a porn theater bouncer.

Along the way, he met a young Arkansas lawyer and politician who advised him to study law and become a member of a different kind of bar.

In time, Rogan scrapped his way through college and law school, became a gang-murder DA in Los Angeles prosecuting Crips and Bloods, and then became a state court judge and majority leader of his state legislature. Finally, he won a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives from Southern California.

In 1998, as a Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, he found himself helping to lead the impeachment of the president of the United States – Bill Clinton – the same Arkansas lawyer who advised him to go into law and politics two decades earlier.

“Rough Edges” is chock-full of wild but true stories, humor and fun.

His newest book, “And Then I Met … Stories of Growing Up, Meeting Famous People, and Annoying the Hell Out of Them,” brings it all together.

It’s a collection of humorous, adventurous and sometimes poignant boyhood stories of doing everything possible, short of breaking the law, to meet and get advice from many famous politicians, athletes and entertainment figures he met as a kid growing up in San Francisco.

Through Rogan’s diaries and photos, you’ll meet and get rare behind-the-scenes glimpses of people like Harry Truman, John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, Billy Graham, Bob Hope, Jimmy Stewart, Hubert Humphrey, Barry Goldwater, Cary Grant, Willie Mays and dozens more. Rogan met everyone – from the last surviving witness of the massacre of General Custer to stars of “Gone With the Wind” and “The Wizard of Oz.” The stories and photographs brim over in this delightful compilation.

Get the entire “Going Rogan” package – three books that will make you laugh, cry and help you sort out the craziness of life in America in the 21st century. Buy one of buy them all together and save a bundle.

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