WASHINGTON – Is the American church simply apathetic or just unaware of the issues currently jeopardizing the status of biblical marriage? The latest poll reveals Christians don’t know and are caring less and less about the consequences of legalizing so-called same-sex marriage, much less have a willingness to take a public stand against it.

As an electrical storm lit up the skies over the nation’s Capitol on the eve of the March for Marriage Rally, was it a harbinger, a sign, of the stormy road ahead for traditional, natural marriage in America? The National Organization for Marriage Rally (NOM), organized by Brian Brown on June 19, was left somewhat standing in the lurch, literally, on the lawn of the National Mall, as only a handful of the expected 10,000 “betrothed” bothered to make it to the church on time to march down the aisle, actually Constitution Avenue, kneel and pray outside the Supreme Court that marriage’s crumbling vestiges remain intact. Was it a case of a runaway bride?

Reports put the turnout on the Capitol’s west-side lawn at 2,000. This apparent lack of support for nuptial bliss only fuels those who say marriage equality is becoming accepted by society and the church at large – thus concluding, wrongfully in my opinion, that same-sex marriage should be legalized in all 50 states. “The New Civil Rights Movement” article by David Badash is an example:

Despite months of emails, despite promises of huge attendance, and despite free busses to protectors of the faith from New York City, NOM’s anti-gay hate march today was able to get at most about 2,000 supporters of “traditional marriage” to “March for Marriage.”

2,000 people attended a rally in Washington, D.C., that the National Organization for Marriage, the nation’s No. 1 anti-gay marriage organization – funded by major religious institutions – has been promoting daily for months.

2,000 people attended a rally in Washington, D.C., that headlined the archbishop of San Francisco, tea party Republican heroes Rick Santorum, Mike Huckabee, and Congressman Tim Huelskamp, along with a plethora of anti-gay religious leaders, like Bishop Harry Jackson.

But perhaps that’s because Americans who are opposed to same-sex marriage don’t really care much about it anyway.

Has the church lost its first-love for biblical marriage? According to the marriage equality crowd and recent polling data released by TargetPoint Consulting (TPC), it has. “The majority of Americans continue to support same-sex marriage – and those who are opposed to marriage equality don’t care that much about it at all.”

The poll released by TPC, a Republican polling firm, reveals that the majority of Americans continue to support same-sex marriage. Alex Lundry, who was Mitt Romney’s data director, says anti-gay Americans are just ho-hum about same-sex marriage becoming the law of the land – bad news for the National Organization for Marriage if these polling figures are valid.

The report continued that when asked to respond to recent statements made by Family Research Council President Tony Perkins – If the Supreme Court steps in and says, ‘We’re redefining marriage, same-sex marriage will be the law across the land,’ it will create a firestorm of opposition. This will be the straw that broke the camel’s back – 58 percent of same-sex marriage opponents said they “would do nothing, or that there wasn’t anything they would do, or that they would abide by the law of the land” should the Court take such legislative action.

Nothing! Really? God help us.

If the weather midnight Thursday and all-day Friday is any indicator of how the church feels about traditional marriage, it could mean an unstable future.

In contrast to last year’s march, when it was freezing cold, to Friday’s muggy forecast, one of the hottest days in D.C. so far this year, maybe Jesus’ words to the church of Laodicea might give some indication of his feelings for Friday’s ho-hum turnout by his bride, the church: “Thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth” (Revelation 3:15-16).

Was Jesus describing this ho-hum apathetic pessimism gripping the church (at the midnight hour before his second coming) in the parable of the Ten Virgins (Matthew 25:1-13)? In it, ten virgins, representing the church, took their burning lamps (the light of the world) and set out down the road at night to meet their bridegroom – the very first March for Marriage.

Then, like now, half were prepared for the long journey ahead, while the other half, well, let’s just say they had no clue about what they had gotten themselves into. Some just love a parade. One radio preacher described this cackle of clucking hens as “five cool girls and five ditty-wittys.” He may have been right. So off they went down the road into the night looking for a husband.

Soon, they all grow weary – foolish and wise alike – and all fall asleep. So, I’m not a bit surprised the church is sound asleep – all of it – on the issues confronting marriage. Could this explain Friday’s dismal turnout? The Mall should have been packed all the way to the Washington Monument with biblical marriage supporters. Where were they?

But at midnight there was a cry made! That means somebody was awake at midnight. Someone knew the bridegroom was coming and had set their alarm clock to get up in the middle of the night! Who was it? It was the eunuch, the most trusted servant whose job was to get the virgins to the church on time. The eunuch made the midnight cry, “Go ye out to meet him.”

Thank God for the eunuchs, the Master’s most trusted ministers, who are crying, shouting in this present darkness regardless of the size of the crowd. Keep shouting, Brian Brown, to the top of your lungs; keep crying out in this dark night, Tony Perkins, because Jesus said “then all those virgins arose” – the cool girls and the ditty-wittys – they all woke up once they heard the shout!

If we don’t shout, who will? If we don’t cry, how will the church wake up?

If this parable gives us any insight, any hope for tomorrow, maybe it’s: be patient; it’s only 11:30, but midnight’s coming when all the virgins will wake up!

Why is the preservation of biblical marriage so important to our culture? Why is the left, those left at the rapture, desperately attempting to destroy it? Marriage is a picture of Christ and His church. It portrays the kingdom of God and his righteousness revealed on earth. That’s why Satan hates marriage.

A word to all the wise virgins, you cool girls. Keep your lamps full of oil – representative of the Holy Spirit who gives illumination, who guides into all truth. Fill every vessel you have with oil. Many in the church have lost their oil; their lamps are going out and their understanding of marriage perverted. Don’t let the ditty-wittys take your oil.

Be encouraged! Christ loves his bride and gave himself for her that he might present her to himself without spot or wrinkle – the glorious church, a spotless bride (Ephesians 5:25-27).

The March for Marriage will not end with a small remnant praying before the Supreme Court. It will not end with blinded bloggers bloviating that the church has lost the battle and Christians could care less. No, the March for Marriage ends in Heaven before God’s throne with a countless throng shouting the victory.

Before the March for Marriage is over, a glorious Bride will arise in the earth having made herself ready. She will respond in earnest to the prophetic voices now crying, shouting in the darkness, “Repent, for the kingdom of God is at hand.” She will be the glorious church and all heaven will shout, “The marriage of the Lamb has come.”

Let’s see what the polls reveal then.

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