I didn’t watch Obama’s performance at West Point on May 28; I freely confess it was all I could do to read his commencement address. So I do not know if America’s mac-daddy president thought he would showcase how cool he is by fist-bumping and chest-bumping the graduating cadets. But, with that said, he did showcase his unrelenting petulant penchant for choosing public forums to attempt to embarrass and belittle those he is incapable of coercing or bullying into submission.

It must be tough being you, Obama; after all, you are so great in your own mind – if you could only get everyone to realize that and genuflect before you.

But alas, for him, We the People understand that the emperor has no clothes; and what’s even more infuriating for him is that with all he has done to prove just how cool he is even his most loyal sycophants have stopped having chills going up or tinkling going down their legs whenever referencing him.

In May 2013, Chris Matthews, one of Obama’s most loyal sucklings, used his MSNBC platform to severely chastise Obama for his lack of leadership. Matthews ripped into Obama with the fury of an F-6 tornado, asking rhetorically, “What part of the presidency does Obama like? He doesn’t like dealing with other politicians – that means his own cabinet, that means members of the Congress, either party. He doesn’t particularly like the press. He likes to write speeches, likes to rewrite what [his speechwriter, Jon] Favreau and the others wrote for the first draft. What part [of the presidency] does he like? He likes going on the road campaigning, visiting businesses like he does every couple days somewhere in Ohio or somewhere. What part [of being president] does he like? He doesn’t like lobbying for the bills he cares about. He doesn’t like selling to the press. He doesn’t like giving orders or giving somebody the power to give orders. He doesn’t seem to like being an executive.”

Matthews, in a rare moment of unrepentant honesty, was spot on with his interrogatories. Obama loves campaign life because he gets to spin lies, berate those who he deems are defying him, and most importantly he gets to bask in the acclaim of what is increasingly becoming feigned applause and adoration.

Obama is a man on the ropes. He is coming more unhinged. Only a person with deep-seated emotional instability makes the public displays he does. Only a person teetering on the brink of emotional collapse continues to make fallacious statements and then attempts to downplay them by claiming even greater lies.

Those who have provided unwarranted shelter from his failures as president also cover up his ruthless disregard for the Constitution – not least of which has been the Washington Post. But in the aftermath of Obama’s shallow self-promotion at West Point, the Post editorial board wrote: “As he has so often in his political career … Obama has elected to respond to the critical consensus not by adjusting policy but rather by delivering a big speech. … Obama marshaled a virtual corps of straw men, dismissing” the policies that served America well since her inception.

Gary Benson, writing for Townhall.com, said: “Obama felling straw men left and right in an effort to boost his position while grossly mischaracterizing his opposition? Perish the thought.” Benson noted that Obama’s “badly received foreign policy … speech was also panned by the New York Times, the Chicago Tribune and the Wall Street Journal – left, center and right. The man, for once, is a uniter.” (Even if it was a unified condemnation of him.)

But, perhaps the most damning indictment of Obama once again came from Chris Matthews, the man whose initial excitement of Obama being elected was such that he was barely able to control his bladder.

Matthews chose to slam Obama the day after his failed West Point speech saying, “Obama shows lack of alertness” (re: Veterans Affairs).

Matthews said Obama “should worry about the patient who is sitting out there now, for months he hasn’t heard from a doctor. That’s who he should be worried about; that’s the person [Obama] should be talking about; that’s the person [Obama] should be thinking about. Not the [public relations] of himself.”

Matthews went on to castigate Obama for breaking the most sacred of promises to those who serve(d) our country by not only making them wait to see doctors but also letting them die in the process.

We all realize that Matthews et al. are not going to get in line and start supporting conservative positions, but it is clear that they are growing increasingly disgusted with Obama. And no matter how one slices it that spells bad news for Obama over the next two years.

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