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Obama 'greasing skids of U.S. decline'

President Barack Obama

In an interview on Fox News’ “The O’Reilly Factor,” commentator Charles Krauthammer remarked that, “Obama is a president choosing decline.”

“We are in a position to dominate again,” he explained, “but we have a president who doesn’t believe in American exceptionalism, American greatness.”

Radio host Rush Limbaugh opened his show Tuesday by highlighting Krauthammer’s comments, which echo positions that Limbaugh has taken, and for which he’s been widely criticized, for many years.

“All [Obama] does is stand up every day and complain about things happening in the country,” Limbaugh said. “As though he’s not got any power to do anything about any of it. It’s striking.”

Yet, Limbaugh continued, “Everything that’s happened – at the border, at the [Veteran’s Affairs Administration), the IRS, Benghazi, whatever – everything happening in this country is the result of Obama’s policies.”

“I’m becoming more and more convinced that Obama’s not just satisfied with managing America’s decline. I think Obama’s greasing the skids. I think Obama is trying to hasten America’s decline. How else can you interpret the parade of bad news that we face every day?”

The host explained what he meant by comparing the American economy to an airplane.

“An airplane’s wing design means that if you achieve the correct speed, it wants to fly,” said Limbaugh. “Ditto the United States economy,” because it was designed along free market principles.

“The natural order of things is to grow,” Limbaugh continued. “When the United States’ economy is in decline, it’s a cyclical thing. There’s a pattern to these things and sometimes you can peg these [recessions] to policy decisions, but sometimes not.

“The economy naturally wants to recover, because that’s what the American people want it to do.”

However, Limbaugh went on, if the economy continues to decline, then the only logical conclusion must be that the president’s policies are intended to have precisely that negative effect.

Obama wants America to fail, said Limbaugh, because “he doesn’t believe we deserve superpower status because of the way we acquired it.”

That premise is flawed, Limbaugh said.

“These people really believe that the more you punish the successful, the more you redistribute everything,” the better off the entire world will be.

However, the prosperity and security of other nations depends in large part on the strength and success of America.

“Obama thinks he making the world better, more equal” by “cutting America down to size, but what he’s doing is allowing the whole world to descend with us.”

Obama and his followers want to redistribute wealth, but, Limbaugh asked rhetorically, “how do you distribute nothing?”

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