Gun control is a political diversion. When the president of the United States is asked about his proudest achievements and his greatest frustrations in office, and his response is to decry the lack of action to restrict the enumerated constitutional rights of Americans, that’s a diversion. Obama could have talked about the slow creeping economic “recovery.” He could have talked about the nation’s astronomical, and growing, debt. He could have mentioned the failure to develop anything close to a balanced budget. He could have talked about the loss of life in Iraq and Afghanistan – and the crumbling of progress toward freedom for the people in those countries, particularly women – the mistakes leading to and following the attack in Benghazi, the brouhaha over federal law enforcement selling guns to Mexican traffickers in total disregard of the consequences of that action, the total failure of his vision for “clean” energy, the growing instability of the dollar in the world market, or hundreds of other pressing, serious and crushing problems, but he didn’t. Instead he talked about “gun violence” and Congress’ “failure” to enact restrictions on Americans’ fundamental, constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

Deaths of children in schools and demented individuals going on murderous rampages are absolutely terrible problems that need to be seriously addressed, but all evidence shows that none of the proposals Obama complained about not being implemented could have or would have had the slightest impact on those tragedies.

Obama himself unintentionally admitted both the futility of his “modest” gun control proposals and the real objective of those proposals as steps toward a bigger goal when he praised the draconian response of Australia to a mass murder. They almost completely banned the private possession of firearms and instituted harsh restrictions on the few guns left in civilian hands. That nation had been slowly creeping down a path of “reasonable” restrictions for decades, but when one violent lunatic committed an unspeakable atrocity, the “modest” and “reasonable” measures were shown to be merely the launch pad for sweeping bans, confiscations and criminalization.

But that argument is the distraction.

Americans are passionate about firearms. There are tens of millions of us who own guns, millions of us who passionately defend our right to arms and tens of thousands of others – including a wide majority of the media – who passionately fear and loathe guns and gun owners. Any time questions of guns and the right to arms is raised, especially by the president, thousands of us can be depended upon to rush to our keyboards and the blogosphere to rant emotionally about the pros, cons and arguments of the question. And if the media and the blogosphere are dominated by endless bickering about useless gun-control proposals, then other serious issues are being ignored or drowned out. That’s the objective.

Gun control is a proven failure. With over 300 million guns currently in circulation in the United States, there is no way to simply make them go away, and any attempt to do so would unquestionably result in armed rebellion – of the sort discussed when the Second Amendment was ratified. Any plan to try and get rid of all of those guns would require that the government know who owns them and where they are located – those “basic,” “common sense” measures guys like me are so adamantly and “unreasonably” opposed to. That 300 million number also proves that the vast, vast majority of gun owners handle our firearms responsibly. If we didn’t, the “gun death” toll each year would be exponentially higher. Instead, as the number of guns in circulation and the number of gun owners in the U.S. have been going up dramatically, the numbers for “gun crimes,” and indeed all violent crimes, have been going down – reduced by about 50 percent in just the last 20 years.

Gun crime is down 50 percent, while total gun and gun ownership numbers are dramatically up – but Obama declares gun violence in America is “off the charts.” It’s a distraction.

Obama uses a question from a friend of George Chen, one of the victims in the recent Isla Vista rampage, to blame easy access to guns, not a failed mental health system, for the murders – ignoring the fact that George Chen, like half of the Isla Vista victims, was stabbed to death, not shot. Mr. Obama also ignored the fact that the murderer in that case had been being treated for mental problems for most of his life.

But it’s all a distraction – political sleight of hand. Obama and his allies have failed miserably at everything except destroying the U.S. economy and expanding the welfare state. His comments about gun control are an effort to draw attention away from the failures, corruption, lies and subterfuge that have been the hallmarks of his presidency and focus attention on a shouting match between billionaire Mike Bloomberg and the “gun lobby.”

So far the ploy has been very successful. If it weren’t, the headlines would be incredulously asking “This is Your Biggest Frustration?”

With everything else this president has mucked up, decrying failure of Congress to pass laws his own advisers say wouldn’t work should not be allowed to conceal the steaming pile of excrement lying just beyond this thin veil.

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