WASHINGTON — As the scuttlebutt grows on Bowe Bergdahl, the soldier just exchanged for five Taliban leaders, an explosive new charge is emerging — that his fellow soldiers had orders to shoot him on sight as a deserter.

A number of damning charges against Bergdahl come apparently from soldiers who served with him. Some have been posted on a Facebook page called “Bowe Bergdahl is a Traitor.”

The soldiers are writing anonymously, saying the Pentagon had them sign nondisclosure statements after Bergdahl disappeared from his post in Afghanistan in 2009. Some say they are still on active duty.

WND is already reporting a four-year-old claim by a Taliban commander that Bergdahl wasn’t just a deserter but also a traitor who converted to Islam and taught jihadi fighters how to make bombs and ambush convoys.

Afghan intelligence officials also believed Bergdahl was “cooperating with the Taliban” and advising fighters at a base in Pakistan.

A comment posted by a soldier who says he served with Bergdahl confirms the charge.

“What you have is pretty well spot on,” the post says. “All I know is that our orders were kill on contact and then we came back and it was covered up. I’ve personally been threatened a few times that discussing it in half the detail you already have was considered an act of treason.”

Another post makes clear the army considered Berdahl not just a deserter but a defector.

“My battalion took over the AO from 25th. The story of Bergdahl being a defector is exactly what was briefed to us and I also read the debrief report about the situation. The story is 100% correct. I’ve personally been on a few missions following up on Bergdahls location but we never found anything. I currently live an hour away from his family’s location. Hailey idaho is a resort town frequented by movie stars etc. They typically side with the anti war side of politics in that area and is a perfect spot for him to live in solitude.”

Another post that says Bergdahl deserted comes from someone who says he was directly involved in the attempted recovery of Bergdahl.

“Here is what I know, not from hearsay, but because I was there. Bergdahl became a sympathizer, walked off his post to seek out the Taliban in order to join their ranks, to help and live with them. In exchange for his release, the United States released the following 5 known Taliban; Khairullah Khairkhwa, Mullah Norullah Noori, Mullah Norullah Noori, Abdul Haq Wasiq, Mohammed Nabi who were immediately welcomed back into the Taliban network. The Taliban are currently seeking the release of additional prisoners, but will not state specifics. Now that they have the blue print on how to accomplish this by simply capturing an American soldier and with the troop number drawing down to 9,800+, I can only hope our service men and women keep their heads on a swivel.”

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