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The elites' waiting game

Just in case politics no longer makes any sense to you, let me toss a few crumbs from the table of a bit longer perspective than you may have.

First, the Republicans in Congress don’t want Barack Obama gone. If they did, he would be gone. As I have written many times before, simply shut off the money gusher, and when the White House toilets don’t flush Obama will be doing John Boehner’s bidding. The process of impeachment isn’t even necessary. Neither is the Senate.

Second, the Senate under Harry Reid and the Democrats is as lawless as Barack Obama in the White House. The 17th Amendment, passed in 1913, crippled states’ rights and destroyed accountability for elected U.S. senators. When senators were elected by state legislatures, as the Constitution provided, they were recallable by state legislatures. Harry Reid would be dealing cards in a Las Vegas casino by now.

Third, it doesn’t matter if Barack Obama is a brilliant constitutional lawyer, an Alinski strategist, the Manchurian executive or a law school washout. Something bigger than the electorate is keeping him in office.

The drama (read turmoil) surrounding Obama’s policy of lawlessness and his supporting actions are in many cases personal tragedies, but their function is to muddy the waters and obscure the new kingdom the elites are building.

The money-gusher is the only thing that matters to the elites. They are using our tax dollars to build a technological hell in which all of us still alive will do their bidding until we are no longer useful, at which point we will be discarded. For those with the correct political views and the right financial connections, it will be a technological heaven on earth. Until it isn’t.

The infrastructure isn’t quite there yet. Technology is not quite powerful enough. Surveillance is not yet fully inside your head. Thus the waiting game: widespread illegal surveillance, the growth in thought crimes, drone technology and increasing pressure to employ them domestically, ever cheaper computer processing to make sense of all the data collected, and finally the man-machine merger.

Is Saul Alinsky running this from the grave? Maybe, but I don’t think so. I think the plan goes back much further, perhaps even to the very beginning:

You said to yourself,
“I’ll climb to heaven.
I’ll set my throne
over the stars of God.
I’ll run the assembly of angels
that meets on sacred Mount Zaphon.
I’ll climb to the top of the clouds.
I’ll take over as King of the Universe!”

Isaiah 14:13-14 (The Message)

They are almost there. But not quite. Not yet. Soon.

Is this how it happens?

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