If the probability of the GOP gaining a two-thirds majority in the U.S. Senate in November’s election comes about, that will lead to the real possibility of an Obama impeachment and conviction.

After praising Qatar for its assistance in brokering a horrendous deal, President Obama declared that swapping of five Muslim terrorists for one U.S. Army deserter could “open the door” to more talks.

The Taliban was hardly impressed.

The day after Obama’s statement, spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid announced:

“The prisoner swap won’t help the peace process in any way, because we don’t believe in the peace process.”

The Taliban’s renunciation of the peace process was entirely predictable. Mullah Omar’s group has never been serious about reconciliation. But they have consistently demanded that the Taliban Five be released.

And the Taliban has for a long time been willing to exchange Sgt. Bergdahl for them.

Retired Sgt. Cody Full, who served with Sgt. Bergdahl in Blackfoot Company, 2nd Platoon, said he believes Sgt. Bergdahl planned his disappearance and should face a slew of charges including desertion, willfully disobeying his superior officer, misbehavior before the enemy and misconduct as a prisoner.

“If Bergdahl hadn’t deserted us, then he would never have been held in captivity,” he said.

In addition, the Pentagon should make public the initial details it collected while searching for Sgt. Bergdahl in 2009, according to Mr. Full.

“Americans need to also see the original investigation on Bergdahl’s desertion,” he said. “You should not be able to desert your fellow Americans without consequences. Bowe Bergdahl should not be characterized as having served with honor and distinction.”

Just how much Obama abuses presidential pardoning power is seen in the identity of those five he turned loose in exchange for Bergdahl:

  • Mohammad Fazi, deputy minister of defense and army chief of staff of the Taliban, suspected of playing a direct role in the July 7, 2005, bombing of London.

  • Norullah Noori. In late 2001, Human Rights Watch and other human-rights organizations urged the international community to put Noori and Fazi on trial for overseeing atrocities committed against civilians. While at Guantanamo, they were interrogated about their role in slaughtering thousands. They “did not express any regrets and stated that they did what they needed to do in their struggle to establish their ideal state.”
  • Abdul Haq Wasiq was once the Taliban’s deputy minister of intelligence.
  • Khair Ulla Khairkhwa was once the Taliban’s governor of Herat, westernmost province of Afghanistan.
  • Mohammad Nabi Omari had strong operational ties to al-Qaida, the Taliban and the Haqqani Network.

The Weekly Standard’s Thomas Joscelyn noted: “the Taliban has repeatedly said it will not agree to the Obama administration’s goals. And now, five dangerous al-Qaida-linked Taliban commanders have been released.”

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