(The Conservative Pundit) — Remember the good old days (last month) when the minimum wage said you’ve begun rather than you’ve arrived?

I wish I were poor enough to receive food stamps and welfare so I could afford a new house and a Lexus, like some people I’ve seen. I’d prefer one silver in color, unlike my neighbor who drove a brand new beige LS 400 at the low income apartments I once resided in. Now, if you believe I’ve got things backwards after reading that last sentence, you’re right! However, for Democrats chaos and confusion is the new common sense.

Seattle’s new $15 per hour minimum wage is nothing but a covert scheme to bring a welfare entitlement mentality to white suburban America, and unfortunately for those of us on the right it’s working. Minorities living in the ‘hood grow up with aspirations of being rich like everyone else. However, since the Democrat takeover under Lyndon B. Johnson of urban communities, our thirst for government entitlements has blurred our ability to discern what it takes to really become wealthy, and devise a financial plan. We like to “floss.” For those of you that are dark skin challenged that means my community likes purchasing stuff that gives us the appearance that we’re wealthy even if we’re broke as a joke. This is the greed that the media all too often fails to expose.

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