The Clinton machine is reportedly gearing up to target a soon-to-be released book set to expose Hillary Clinton’s personal role in the Benghazi scandal.

“The REAL Benghazi Story: What the White House and Hillary Don’t Want You to Know,” by New York Times bestselling author Aaron Klein, is slated for release Sept. 9, two days before the second anniversary of the Benghazi attack.

It is said to contain information documenting the personal role Clinton played in security at the U.S. special mission as well as her direct and central involvement in plans to arm the Mideast rebels, a scheme the book connects to events related to the Benghazi attack.

Klein, a WND reporter and popular radio host, said today the book will pose a major problem to Clinton, who claimed in her recent memoir, “Hard Choices,” she was not personally involved in security decisions at the U.S. special mission in Benghazi.

Clinton wrote she did not see cables requesting additional security. She claimed any cables related to the security at the compound were only addressed to her as a “procedural quirk” and didn’t actually land on her desk.

Clinton wrote: “That’s not how it works. It shouldn’t. And it didn’t.”

Politico reported a joint statement from spokesmen for Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton blasted authors Ed Klein, Daniel Halper and Ronald Kessler as “a Hat Trick of despicable actors concocting trashy nonsense for a quick buck.”

Ed Klein is author of the controversial “Blood Feud,” which contains fully quoted heated conversations Klein says took place between President Obama and the Clintons.

Halper’s “Clinton, Inc.” contendsamong other things that Hillary Clinton is hiding major health issues.

Kessler’s soon-to-be-released book is “The First Family Detail.”

real-benghazi-story-coverAll three books have already been criticized by the Clinton team and the progressive Media Matter for America organization, whose founder, David Brock, is known to be close to the Clintons.

The Washington Times reported: “Author Aaron Klein’s upcoming book, ‘The REAL Benghazi Story,’ is also reportedly being targeted by the Clinton team and Media Matters.

Politico noted that while Ed Klein’s book sold a whopping 100,000 copies, Halper’s only moved just under 3,500 copies, according to Nielsen BookScan.

Politico quotes a publishing source predicting Kessler’s book will sell since he has a following from previous books and Aaron Klein’s Benghazi book “would appeal to a different audience, the publishing source said, a subset of readers deeply interested in the Benghazi attacks and convinced of an administration coverup.”

Kleins’s “The REAL Benghazi Story” advertises itself as “a ground-breaking investigative work that finally exposes some of the most significant issues related to the murderous Sept. 11, 2012, attack — information with current national security implications.”

A sampling of what the publisher says is contained in the book:

  • From the secretive activities transpiring inside the doomed facility to shocking new details about the withholding of critical protection at the U.S. special mission.
  • Information that raises new questions about what really happened to Ambassador Chris Stevens that fated night.
  • The central role Hillary Clinton actually played in the scandal.
  • Answered for the first time is why the State Department hired armed members of the al-Qaeda-linked February 17 Martyrs Brigade to “protect” the facility.
  • New reasons are revealed for not sending air support or Special Forces during the assault, while extensively probing jihadist groups behind the attack.
  • How Benghazi has implications that go beyond the Sept. 11, 2012 attack and may have created major national security threats we now face.

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