Christians are not hostile to ‘gays’

By Joseph Farah

I just read a Politico magazine piece that demonstrates why biblically minded Christians are becoming the targets of real bigotry and will, almost assuredly, soon be the victims of real persecution – unlike anything previously experience in America.

Titled “Evangelicals are changing their minds on gay marriage,” the article, written by a religion reporter for the Orange County Register, focuses on “The Reformation Project,” which is described as “a nationwide network of pro-gay evangelicals committed to ending their church’s longstanding hostility toward gay people.”

Let me first say that this is a hellishly bigoted comment by people who claim to be fighting bigotry.

Secondly, evangelicals come in all shapes and sizes and beliefs and don’t belong to one church.

Lastly, the idea that evangelical Christians have a longstanding hostility toward homosexuals is a lie by the reporter, the publication and the misguided organization that is attempting to make sinners comfortable in their sin – an idea repugnant to all forms of biblical Christianity.

The job of evangelicals is to evangelize.

You don’t evangelize non-sinners. The act of evangelizing is to confront sinners with their fallen state – their shortcomings, their appointment with death. It is that act that brings sinners to salvation through the death and resurrection of Jesus. That’s why He died on the cross – to give sinners a chance for eternal life. He died for them, us, you and me. And He conquered death for them through this sacrificial act when He rose from the dead.

Neither Jesus nor any true evangelical would ever be “hostile” to sinners. In fact, it is an act of love to share the gospel with them. But sharing the gospel means confronting the reality of sin, not excusing it, condoning it, glorifying it or participating in it.

I would think a religion writer would know that much.

But we live in strange times.

Today, in the popular culture, it’s cool to be “gay” – a word that has been hijacked by a political movement that embraces sin.

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It may be popular to embrace sin today, but those who do so in the name of Christ are the ones who are truly hostile and unloving to homosexuals. They are actually condemning them to death.

There’s an old expression in Christianity very relevant to this discussion: “Love the sinner, hate the sin.”

That’s what true evangelicals believe.

Showing love to the sinner means evangelizing them. Chaplains who evangelize murderers on death row don’t tell them they were just practicing an alternative lifestyle. They confront them with the sixth commandment and attempt to bring them to repentance. It’s an act of selfless love.

Likewise, evangelizing homosexuals requires that their sin – not just their sexual practices, but all of it – is confronted.

There is nothing loving about rationalizing sin as an alternative lifestyle.

I don’t doubt that there is a new movement within the church that takes this upside-down view of what Christianity is all about.

But notice the way those who disagree with the view – all those who follow biblical Christianity – are portrayed: They are “hostile to gay people.”

Where does that kind of thinking lead?

It leads only one place – bigotry and persecution.

This movement is not about rejecting bigotry as it claims. It is about creating a new form of bigotry – against those with sincerely held, biblically supported worldviews.

In effect, it is a movement that redefines sin. It’s a new religion that allows man to decide what sin is rather than God. The new sin is “homophobia” – the imaginary fear and loathing of those who practice homosexuality.

Where does this lead?

It leads to forcing Christians to violate their own consciences, as is beginning to happen in the U.S.

It leads to state-sponsored anti-Christian and anti-biblical indoctrination in schools.

It leads to so-called “hate-speech” laws, which punish people not so much for what they do but what they might think.

It leads to persecution and martyrdom.

And it leads to eternal separation from our Creator-God.

None of that is good. None of that is happy. None of that is “gay.” None of that is tolerant. None of that is merciful. None of that is compassionate. None of that is loving.

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