CNN anchor Ashleigh Banfield suffered a meltdown of epic proportions during a live TV interview with a Texas councilwoman who spearheaded the effort to ban illegal-alien children from entering her city.

League City, a suburb of Houston, just became the first town in the U.S. to pass a resolution denying any request from the federal government for help in the escalating border crisis. Heidi Thiess is one of the council members who also voted against detention centers for children inside the city limits.

As the councilwoman began to explain the solution was for “the federal government to start following its own laws,” Banfield cut her off.

“Ms. Thiess, please stop with this, you know full well that these people aren’t escaping into America!” the CNN host shouted. “They’re volunteering at the border to be caught. No one is getting through the wall of those who are there. This is a different circumstance. It’s the desperate who are begging for help. It’s not those who are sneaking in. You understand the difference, right?”

Banfield then called lawmakers “heartless” and compared the town’s policies to the protests by the “rabid” American citizens in Murietta, California.

“I know you’ve seen all those people who have come out to protest buses, where kids inside of buses have their faces pressed up to the glass, and they’re seeing Americans who look like the land of the rabid!” she exclaimed.

“And what I’m asking you is, a policy like this kind of smacks of that. Do you not see the difference between illegal immigrants who are here – maybe – to get a free ride, and those who are desperately seeking protection from murderers?”

Thiess replied that she is simply trying to uphold her oath to protect the citizens of her city.

“Frankly, I don’t want League City to become one more stop in a chain of human trafficking that is being exacerbated by our own federal government,” she said.

But Banfield kept up her tirade.

“They’re being raped, they’re being beaten, and they need help! Some of them don’t even have water. And in at least one case, 100 of them are sharing one toilet that doesn’t even have a door. And that’s why I’m asking you if you would really turn your backs if the federal government asked you to help?”

“You’re talking about government funded stash houses,” Theiss shot back. “We know exactly what happens inside stash houses. We are trying to stop it, and the only way to stop it is to stop the flow of traffic. And you don’t stop the flow of traffic by inviting more in, and taking them all in. You have to stop it!”

In another appearance on the CNN anchor desk, Banfield took the opportunity to chastise any viewers who might take issue with her forceful defense of the unaccompanied illegal children.

“For any you out there about to tweet me saying that I think immigration is just fine, and they should all be let over the border, stop right there. That’s not what this is about. If you’ve ever been in a war zone, and I have, and I have seen refugees pouring over borders, half their families murdered, the other half tortured, they’re running for their lives, many of them women and children, it is devastating. It’s devastating. And God help if you’re ever in need of help and you show up and there’s a bus telling you to get out. This is America.”


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