A prominent defense adviser and analyst is calling Barack Obama the “worst president ever,” warning the consequences go far beyond politics and America, because the world is more dangerous.

“This is serious stuff. Not just politics,” said Lt. Col. Ralph Peters, a commentator for Fox News, veteran military intelligence expert and author.

“It’s very important to make one point here. This is nothing for conservatives or conservative-leaning independents to take delight in. Don’t gloat over Obama’s failures for political reasons. This is about foreign policy, security and the future of our country and the well-being of the entire globe.”

Peters spent 10 years in military intelligence in Germany then specialized on the Soviet Union. He retired at a lieutenant colonel after working in the Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence.

Peters was on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show Tuesday to discuss Obama’s foreign policy. The questions arose after Obama spokesman Josh Earnest claimed that Obama has been successful in intervening around the globe “in a meaningful way.”

Earnest claimed that Obama has “substantially furthered America interests” and the “tranquility of the global community.”

Hannity and Peters wondered just where that tranquility was.

Peters pointed to a “litany of Obama’s disastrous failures.”

“Russia. Hey, when’s the last time you heard anybody talk about Putin giving back Ukraine? We had that catastrophic nuclear deal where we gave away important systems and Russia gave away junk that was headed for the stockpile,” he said.

“Then you have Iran. They’re playing us like a violin. Iraq. Rise of a caliphate state, a terror state. The reaction in Egypt. The mess in Libya. You’ve got Boko Haram in Nigeria; you’ve got a mess in Somalia, South Sudan, tragedies nobody even hears about.”

He continued: “This list goes on and on. North Korea. China belligerent. You can throw a dart at a map of the world … Venezuela. How about that? How are we doing down there? Central America. Our own southwest border, which is certainly a security issue.”

Peters noted that many have called Obama the worst president ever, and “it sounds like hyperbole.”

“But in the foreign policy and security spheres, without doubt, speaking as a student of American history, without doubt Obama is by far the worst foreign policy and security president we have ever had,” he said.

“We have never before had such a combination of pervasive, extensive failures on virtually every continent,” Peters said. “At the same time we have shameless self-congratulations from the White House.”

He believes the root of the problem is the Obama came into office in 2009 “really prejudiced against America.””In foreign policy he saw America and the West, and certainly Israel, as the problem, or certainly the cause of the problem, and Islamist extremism and Russian intransigence as effects.”

Peters said when America is weak the world suffers

“America has not been this weak in my lifetime. Even Jimmy Carter looks relatively strong by comparison on two fronts,” he said. “One, Carter had a strong sense of morality and ethics, personal and professional ethics. Second, Carter was willing to learn. … There’s no sign that Obama is.”

Peters long has been critical of Obama’s foreign policy but recently has become more pointed in his comments. He said Obama “believes you can negotiate with cancer tumors,” calling him a “fool and a weakling.”

He also, referring to the jihadist insurgency in Iraq, said Obama is “a coward and he won’t make tough decisions to defend America.”

“Presidents are supposed to make hard decisions,” he said. “Bush was derided for saying I’m the decider, but … that’s what a president is.”


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