Michael Savage

Dr. Savage called Hillary Clinton “the worst diplomat in American history, next to John Kerry.”

Surveying the international landscape, Savage declared, “Once America left the world stage, a vacuum was created. Now war is breaking out all over the world. Hillary Clinton created a cold war with Russia. Make no mistake about it.

“She called Putin ‘Hitler.’ Never forget that” (Free audio).

Savage looks back on a time, not that long ago, when liberals were fanatical proponents of “population control.” So why is it, he wondered, that none of the usual “enforcers of immorality” have spoken out against the hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants swarming over America’s borders?

Savage asked, “Where did all the high priestesses of birth control suddenly go while America is being smothered by the hoards being ushered in from Central America by Obama and Pelosi?

“The answer is that these groups always intended to reduce the white population and replace it with a more malleable, Third World population. Obama is orchestrating a Malthusian war against the more dominant European-American population” (Free audio).

Rush Limbaugh

“We are being governed by the most divisive and some would say the most lawless president and attorney general ever,” Limbaugh said this week.

He called out the Republican Party for “by and large” refusing to criticism Obama, for fear of being called “racist.”

“This is why the Democrats are salivating at Hillary or Elizabeth Warren being the next president because it would be the same thing,” Limbaugh explained. “Any criticism of the first woman president would be sexist, and it would be therefore unqualified. Then after that, if they succeed, then they’ll go out and recruit the first Hispanic, and it’ll be the same thing” (Free audio).

Limbaugh criticized the president’s tepid reaction to the intentional downing of a Malaysian Airlines plane in Ukraine.

“He was off,” said Limbaugh, after playing an audio clip of Obama speaking at a fundraiser. “So much so that even that paragon of journalistic talent Piers Morgan has tweeted his abject shock and dismay that Obama would be so cavalier about this.

“When you lose Piers Morgan, you’ve lost, my gosh, who knows who else?” (Free audio).

Aaron Klein

No other American talk show host is broadcasting live from Tel Aviv while the Israeli capital is under rocket attack, but that’s exactly where Aaron Klein was this week.

From his unique perspective on the ground, Klein explained why Hamas launched this most recent offensive in the first place and why Iran’s relationship with Hamas may determine the outcome.

Klein also aired exclusive interviews with Israel’s deputy defense minister and the senior IDF spokesman. Meanwhile, on the home front, Klein and a legal analyst wondered whether or not Obama’s presidency actually violates the Constitution (Free audio).

Mark Levin

“Obama has a screw loose!”

That was Mark Levin’s reaction to the president’s strangely laid-back reaction to the attack on a Malaysian Airlines plane that killed a number of Americans (Free audio).

Levin also went after comedian Jon Stewart, after the host of “The Daily Show” aired a segment criticizing Israel for defending itself from rocket attacks by Hamas.

“Jon Stewart has about 30 writers and is a knee-jerk idiot,” Levin said, adding, “I despise the self-haters, I really do. I despise them” (Free audio).

Levin, who, like Stewart, is Jewish, went on to say that he didn’t “trust Jews who change their names” (Jon Stewart’s original surname was “Leibowitz”).

Laura Ingraham

Her support has been widely credited with pushing challenger Dave Bratt over the finish line during last month’s Republican battle in Virginia. Now, Laura Ingraham says she is “all in” for Tennessee State Rep. Joe Carr, who is up against Senator Lamar Alexander in next month’s primary.

“I’m all in for Joe Carr,” she told her audience. “Look, he’s no nonsense, he’s a citizen legislator. And he’ll be someone who will actually listen to the people.”

Also this week, she and Larry Kudlow debated the immigration issue, and Pat Buchanan came on and called Obama “the LBJ of his era” (Free audio).

Glenn Beck

This week, Beck issued a plea to Central American families who are sending their children to America unaccompanied.

“I come to you as a dad: Keep your family together,” said Beck. “Please would you consider doing the hard thing as well? Would you resist the temptation to flee or break up your family? Please don’t hand your child off to a smuggler in the middle of the night.”

Beck has been criticized for sending humanitarian aid down to the U.S. border, where thousands of undocumented migrants, including children, are being detained. However, he insists he hasn’t gone soft on the issue of amnesty or illegal immigration.

Beck told his listeners that when he visits these children in person, he plans to tell them they are being deported.

“I will tell them soon you’ll be back home, you’ll be back with mom and dad” (Free audio).

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