(NEWSBUSTERS) — For those who predict the coming collapse of Western civilization, there’s always MTV for proof. At this year’s Television Critics Association summer tour in Hollywood, MTV put on a panel discussion for the press with the cast and creators of a forthcoming series called “Happyland.” The female star of the show, actress Bianca Santos, announced the new MTV motto: “Incest is hot, and we’re going to have fun!”

Lisa de Moraes at the Deadline Hollywood website reported the pilot episode of this “soapy teen comedy” — remember that: this is a show for teenagers — this show “exploring the underbelly of a popular theme park” includes a clip of Santos making out with the amusement park’s “new hottie,” only to discover… he’s her brother.

The assembled TV critics and reporters asked the obvious questions. “So, why the twist — why the brother and sister making out thing? How does that relate to the other things (in the show)?” And, “Without getting too heavily into spoilers, where does this go after she realizes it’s her brother?”

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