SAN DIEGO – Early in America’s history, citizens took to the streets in protests, or even blockades, if their elected officials dared ignore them.

But today, small-town mayors are standing down as the federal government dumps thousands of sick and dangerous illegal aliens on them with no resources to help and no ability to enforce the laws that would repatriate them to their home countries.

“It’s lawlessness,” said Patrice Lynes, a nurse and organizer of the Murrieta, California, blockade that caused a planned illegal-alien drop-off in her city to be turned back Tuesday.

One hundred protesters prevented the bus carrying mostly children from entering the holding facility where they were to be dropped.

Lynes told WND that when she heard about the scheduled drops, she knew laws were already on the books that made the federal government’s actions an illegal activity.

After speaking with friends, Lynes and others decided to stage demonstrations against the drops in Murrieta and in support of Border Patrol agents who were not being permitted to do their job and enforce the laws. Beginning with only a couple dozen people – mostly moms – and consulting with staffers from the office of Rep. Kevin Calvert, R-Calif., Lynes raised her army of “minutemen” to oppose dumping of illegal aliens in her community.

Lynes’ group targets the federal government’s airline flights as well as its busses.

“Flights arrive every 72 hours” Lynes told WND in an exclusive interview. “We will be there.”

Lynes said she is not confining her protests to her own county only, but is reaching out to other targets of the illegal drops to help others organize the same way citizens did in Murrieta.

She described what she did: “I just called two friends, we got out on the street to warn all the citizens what was happening … then we started to show up at our Border Patrol station to support the Border Patrol, to say we understand that your hands are tied, we know you’re not allowed to enforce the laws, but we want the illegals repatriated to their home countries.”

“I am willing to help whomever wants to do this,” she said. “I’m inspired because I love America!”

Rob Luton, a policy specialist with San Diegans for Secure Borders Coalition told WND the problems are stemming from major policy changes made by the administration.

“There were two policy changes that … facilitated the surge in Texas. That was the deferred action on people who are under a certain age,” said Luton. “They’re not a high priority to be deported. That (information) got circulated down into these countries like Honduras,” so people thought they could just send their children to America, and America would take them all.

“The second item was the potential for … amnesty. So the human smugglers naturally are bringing people up (north) in large numbers, telling them, ‘Even if you don’t get citizenship, they are not going to deport you because of your age.’ That’s why the people coming up are of a specific age,” he said.

“You have heard a lot of misinformation from this administration saying people are coming up because there is crime in those countries. But for 70 years they’ve had crime. That’s nothing new,” said Luton. “Why do you have this surge in the last 90 days?”

The answer, Luton believes, lies in the administration’s unwritten promises meant to attract illegal aliens to the U.S., enticing them with free goods and services from the government with the expectation they will support Democrats in the future.

“Every country should have a standard of protocol for how many people come into the country,” contended Luton. “We allow more people legally in the country than any other nation in the world, and that doesn’t even include the illegals.”

He pointed to the massive costs to the American people, who are already struggling through a bad economy. “There are costs … classroom overcrowding, public benefits, college grants.”

Lynes concurred.

As a nurse she has worked with imported diseases and is concerned the uncontrolled influx of illegal aliens will lead to a massive public-health crisis. Diseases now coming across the border, she said, are a new variety, and in some cases the U.S. doesn’t even have medications to battle the outbreaks that could arise.

“There is regular TB, and there is drug-resistant TB. Both are airborne,” she said. The drug resistant stain will cost more than $100,000 to treat, she warned, and in many cases, people will just die. But the health risk does not stop there.

“There is leprosy,” warned Lynes. “This is highly contagious and not recognizable in its early stages. Then we have all the tropical diseases … swine flu, scabies, lice, polio …”.

As a nurse, Lynes has already spoken with some Border Patrol agents who have been exposed, or are already infected.

“So because the children are not medically screened, the Border Patrol’s job is to do processing. There may be a visual screen,” she said, but her sources told her the new illegals know not to say they have TB.

(Then) … it is too late – the agents are infected.” she said.

The looming health risks explain why Lynes is so passionate about supporting the Border Patrol. As public servants whose job it is to work on the front lines of America’s immigration crisis, she believes it is unjust their hands are tied, and they can’t even do proper health screenings. As a result, they and their families are quickly becoming infected.
Soon schools and communities will have a major health crisis on their hands, Lynes warned.

“(This is) creating a humanitarian crisis on the American People. Our laws need to be enforced at the border. We have perfectly good laws on the books that talk about excludable aliens … . It’s lawlessness (for the president to allow this),” she said.

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