The Centers for Disease Control recently did the first-ever, large-scale survey measuring the sexual orientation of Americans.

And guess what they found?

After polling some 33,557 adults between the age of 18 and 64, they found fewer than 3 percent of Americans identify themselves as “gay, lesbian or bisexual.”

Is that surprising to you? It’s not surprising to me. It’s just about what I would have guessed.

For years, the “gay lobby” has been talking about representing 10 percent of the population, based on old data compiled by the warped mind of Alfred Kinsey. In short, we were sold a bill of goods about homosexuality by people who had an agenda – breaking down the institutions of faith, fidelity and marriage that are necessary to any functioning, self-governing society.

And we’re still being sold a bill of goods – or maybe it’s a bill of “bads.”

Let me ask you a few leading questions:

  • Are 3 percent of the news stories you read about “gays”?
  • Is homosexuality the theme of 3 percent of the TV shows you watch?
  • Are 3 percent of the characters in movies and television shows “gay”?
  • Is 3 percent of the talk from people like Barack Obama about homosexuality or “LGBT issues,” as they like to call them?


In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to avoid being bombarded by the amount of agitprop about homosexuality from the press, Hollywood, government and even your kids’ schools.

So why is that?

Why is the cultural tale wagging the dog?

Why is less than 3 percent of the population having its way with 97 percent?

Why is the “gay” agenda rammed down the throats of the more than 97 percent?

It’s hard to understand. I can’t think of any other minority this small that is so powerful. Can you?

So what’s the answer?

The answer is that it’s about “fundamentally transforming” America. It’s about rewriting the values that have held the nation together for centuries. It’s about eroding the Judeo-Christian values that make self-government and liberty possible. It’s about replacing God with government and social re-engineering.

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I don’t know how else to explain it.

Maybe you already figured this out long ago.

But this 3 percent is becoming increasingly totalitarian and authoritarian in its demands, impositions and rhetoric.

In my lifetime, I have never seen a nutty and perverted idea like “same-sex marriage” go from zero to 60 mph in such a short time. The “gay agenda” is on a roll. In fact, it is steamrolling over common sense and biblical morality faster than anyone could have imagined.

Am I advocating some sort of deprivation of “rights” for those who practice homosexuality?

Of course not. Never have. Never will. It’s just that I am opposed to special rights and privileges being bestowed on people who claim to be “gay.” It’s really that simple. I’m also against being legally required to participate in this lifestyle, as increasingly we see happen these days.

Marriage, as defined since the beginning of time, does not discriminate against anyone. It is an institution between a man and a woman. Any man or woman is free to participate – if they want to. If you don’t want to, you don’t have to. Where’s the insidious “discrimination” there?

If, indeed, it is “discrimination,” then laws against polygamy are equally discriminatory. So are laws against incest. I won’t even talk about bestiality and other perversions. But you get the idea of where the homosexual matrix is taking us.

I’m thankful to the CDC for conducting this first-ever survey. I bet the government was surprised, given its fixation on the 10 percent. I fully expect to hear catcalls about how the methodology of the study was flawed. Or, maybe the press will just bury the report and be done with it.

But it’s time for the cultural tale to stop wagging the dog.

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