Mr. Buchanan,

Sadly, I believe you are naive/ignorant to state that impeachment is improper under these circumstances [“Impeachment: A bridge too far”]. We are losing, possibly have already lost our country. The Democrats have stated they want to turn Texas blue. Well, they are doing just that by illegally depositing millions of illegals aliens, and just today a federal judge is telling the states they must issue them driver’s licenses. Driver’s licenses equals voting rights, and the elections forever turn toward a Democratic president.

Further, if Obama is not stopped, there is a good probability that there will be no election come 2016. Obama has broken every possible law to bring impeachment and to prove himself a criminal in line with a Hitler. Obama has already murdered Americans (including a 16-year-old boy) without due process of law, and he has already caused the false imprisonment of somebody in the U.S., the filmmaker blamed for Benghazi. All Obama has to do is do these actions on a broad scale and he will be on par with the fuhrer – well, with the exception that Hitler sought to strengthen his country, not destroy it.

The House and Senate have already proved they are unwilling to lawfully confront Obama on his illegal actions. What make you believe they would step in and take real action if you and a few hundred thousand other people were rounded up and jailed as political enemies? Do you have confidence Republicans would do anything about this, or would it just be business as usual, just as it is with Obama’s declared war against America by facilitating its invasion with illegals?


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