The good book & the bad woman

By Burt Prelutsky

During her book tour, Hillary Clinton was asked to name her favorite book. One might have expected her to be honest for once in her life and mention “Hard Choices,” the ghost-written tome bearing her name that brought her an $8 million advance, but, instead, she declared it to be … (a drum roll) … the Bible.

She went on to say that she finds it a constant source of wisdom, comfort and encouragement. A show of hands, please – is there anyone who believes that a devout Christian would ever ask what difference it makes who murdered four Americans in Benghazi or slander every young woman her husband ever preyed upon?

Mrs. Clinton also described her pushing the reset button with Russia as a “brilliant” bit of statecraft. That, by any normal standard, is a very bizarre way to sum up Vladimir Putin’s bamboozling us about Syria, swallowing up Crimea, destabilizing Ukraine and threatening all of Eastern Europe. Typically, Mrs. Clinton failed to explain how a policy that helped bring about those disasters was brilliant when the far more appropriate word that would occur to most of us is “catastrophic.”

You would think that even Democrats, who insist that every House investigation into Obama’s numerous scandals are examples of partisan politics, would have to agree that the timing of our abduction of Benghazi terrorist Ahmed Abu Khattala was anything but coincidental. Although Khattala has been interviewed any number of times by American newsmen while lolling at sidewalk cafes in Libya, it took the chilling optics of Islamists taking back Iraq to finally get Obama to order his capture.

Speaking of Obama, is it really a coincidence that every time there’s a new outbreak of violence in the Middle East, whether it was the 9/11 attack on our consulate in Benghazi or the rash of beheadings in Iraq, he’s busy packing for a fundraiser in Vegas or a round of golf in Palm Springs? To me, it seems like he’s trying to create an alibi. I suppose that’s why every other day I receive email from people referring to him as Sgt. Schultz, referencing the POW guard on “Hogan’s Heroes,” the man who replied “I know nothing” to every question ever put to him. But even Schultz didn’t pretend that he only found out about problems at Stalag 13 by reading about them in the newspaper.

Speaking about newspapers and the media in general, how is it that even after we sent soldiers to Nigeria to assist in the search, we’ve heard nothing more about the 300 Nigerian girls who were abducted last April? Perhaps it’s just an indication of the amount of bad news we get on a daily basis that nothing can hold our attention for more than a few days, unless, of course, it involves the Kardashians or Justin Bieber.

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As for Obama’s chickens coming home to roost in Iraq, if I weren’t aware that where Sunnis and Shiites are concerned, it’s a distinction without a difference, I might actually feel sorry for those being murdered by the ISIS thugs. But so far as I’m concerned, the followers of Allah are all scum. I say that because all of them, whichever bloody cult they pledge allegiance to, would be applauding like trained seals if those being butchered and beheaded were Americans, Israelis, Christians or Jews.

Here in America, we have cults of our own. The largest of which is the Democratic Party. It explains why their adherents, many of whom seem to be of normal intelligence, are always saying such stupid things. For instance, only religious fanaticism can explain why John Harwood of Public Broadcasting insisted that Eric Cantor lost his congressional race because he’s Jewish and was running in a Southern rural district.

It’s nothing new for liberal pundits to attribute racial and religious bigotry to conservatives in general and Southerners in particular. But surely it must have occurred to Mr. Harwood that it was those very same people who somehow managed to overcome their blatant anti-Semitism when they elected Mr. Cantor to the House on seven previous occasions. What does Harwood think? That they simply got tired of waiting for him to convert?

One is always hearing that the Barbarians are at the gate. But that is clearly old news. Today, the Barbarians are not only inside the gates, they’re running the schools, dominating the mass media, controlling the Senate and contaminating the White House.

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