A young, black, single mother with a baby in tow makes a wrong turn near the White House.

Police draw their guns and aim them at the Connecticut dental hygienist’s head, either failing to see the 2-year-old in the car seat or assuming terrorists were now using babies as decoys in their car bombs.

Miriam Carey turns her vehicle and heads off, probably in fear of her life and the life of her child.

Police fire shots as the car flees – a procedure that would be against policy in most major cities, but apparently not in Washington, where the gilded princes of our society live and work.

A short while later, Miriam Carey is surrounded by police cars and comes to a halt – where she is gunned down in a hail of fire right near the nation’s Capitol.

Was this shooting death necessary, appropriate, legal?

After nine months of investigating, police officials have announced there will be no criminal charges filed against any of the police officers involved.

Maybe that’s the right call. Perhaps the charges should be filed against their bosses who have failed to put in place common-sense police regulations prohibiting this kind of reckless gunplay as cities across the country have.

But even more distressing about this incident and the way it has been handled since last October is there seems to be no regret, no remorse, no reflection over the tragic death of Miriam Carey.

Why did this happen?

How could an innocuous incident in which no lives were threatened by Carey have turned so hideously violent?

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Why are Washington cops so trigger happy?

Why are the rules so different in Washington than other cities in America?

Is this the way the politicians, who have been hopelessly silent about the Carey shooting, want it? Shoot first, ask questions later?

I also don’t understand the media’s lack of curiosity and compassion for the victim.

I also don’t understand the black community’s near silence.

I also don’t understand where the so-called “civil libertarians” are on this one.

Where is the rest of the media on this story?

WND has waged a tireless crusade for the truth about what happened that day. I don’t know why that should be the case. The press is supposed to serve as a watchdog on government abuse of this kind. Instead, all it does is publish official press releases.

This is how police states are built – slowly, over time, excessive police force gets a nod and a wink, and, pretty soon, cops are acting like gangland assassins.

There was no reason for Miriam Carey to die last October.

There was no reason for guns to have been fired in her direction.

At worst, she could have been issued a summons for a wrong turn – maybe even fleeing the scene of a traffic infraction. But death by firing squad without a trial? What country are we living in? Where is the outrage? Why am I the only pundit disturbed by the heavy-handed authoritarian environment being created in the capital of our country?

It’s a disgrace. It’s a scandal. And it deserves a fair public hearing.

Yes, I’m deeply disturbed that Americans were killed by terrorists in Benghazi, that no one came to their aid and that the Obama administration lied about it and covered up their own ineptitude.

But, I have to tell you, I am more disturbed that an America civilian, a mother transporting her baby in the nation’s capital could be gunned down by men and women who are sworn to serve and protect innocent life – not just the lives of politicians – and few Americans even seem to notice.

It could have been you.

It could have been your wife.

It could have been your mother.

It could have been your sister.

It could have been your best friend.

But it was Miriam Carey. I didn’t know her. But I do know she posed no threat to anyone in Washington that tragic day.

It’s time for some answers.

It’s time for some action.

It’s time for some serious reform in the ranks of the D.C. police.

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