Why Obama ignores persecution of Christians

By Erik Rush

On July 25, Virginia Rep. Frank Wolf appeared on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show, where he asserted that there is a genocide being carried out against Christians in Iraq by the terrorist group the Islamic State (formerly ISIS). This group has killed untold numbers of Christians as well as fellow Muslims during their bloody campaign across Syria and Iraq, many in some of the most graphic and gruesome ways imaginable. Most recently in the Iraqi city of Mosul, Christians were told that they had to convert to Islam, leave the city (which has had a Christian presence for two millennia), or have their heads cut off.

Given the actions of the Islamic State to date, what surprised me is that they actually gave them a choice.

“It is genocide. It meets the test of genocide,” Wolf said, citing accepted United Nations parameters for the practice.

In Wolf’s estimation, and that of many Americans of conscience, the Obama administration’s failure to weigh in on this atrocity in any manner whatsoever is an abject disgrace. Although the U.S. Senate proposed on July 30 a resolution condemning the “religious cleansing” in Iraq, such actions have few teeth and certainly aren’t any guarantee of broad policy changes.

While the diplomatic dynamics behind the following may be news to many, it is a fact that over many presidential administrations, nations with minority Christian populations (particularly in the Middle East) were always made aware that our foreign policy concerning them would be to some extent predicated on the treatment of Christians thereof.

All that changed when Barack Hussein Obama ascended to the presidency, and the testimony of Christians living in these nations bears this out. Even excluding such extreme examples as the Muslim Brotherhood’s rise to power in Egypt (after which Christians were being crucified in the streets), the general deportment of Islamic governments in the region with regard to Christians changed from one of grudging tolerance to abject persecution. As we can readily observe now in the region, as well as in Islamic African nations, the violent persecution of Christians has practically become a new national pastime.

Considering the president’s Islamist and Marxist proclivities and the philosophical bent of his closest collaborators, it ought not be too much of a surprise that Obama’s sympathy index for these persecuted Christians is in the negative digits. Still, his lack of inclination to even pretend that these atrocities are unacceptable not only adds insult to injury, but indicates something more than a mere lack of sympathy.

It indicates derision and perhaps even hatred of Christians.

This may appear odd to some at first blush, particularly since the president has professed to be Christian, but there are those of us who’ve known for a long time that Obama’s claims to this faith are farcical. After all, the Black Liberation Theology preached in Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago (which Obama attended for 20 years) is nothing but apostate, Marxist-infused Christian doctrine to start with.

So the question then becomes from whence Obama’s hatred of Christians may have come. Author Ed Klein’s 2012 book, “The Amateur: Barack Obama in the White House” includes material from a three and a half hour interview Klein conducted with Wright, Obama’s former pastor. In addition to Klein’s claim that when Obama met Wright he was “steeped in Islam but knew nothing about Christianity,” Wright also intimates that Obama may never have truly let go of his Muslim faith.

Obama has certainly demonstrated an intimate knowledge of and a demonstrated affinity for Islam – but where, how and why did this develop?

According to his origins narrative, both of Obama’s parents were Marxists, as were his maternal grandparents. He supposedly spent several years in Indonesia (a Muslim nation) as a child – but are we to believe that his communist mother somehow felt a compelling reason to have Islam inculcated into her son? Indeed, even if Obama did spend a few years in Indonesian Muslim schools, this hardly explains the deep knowledge and attraction.

In his pre-teens – once again, according to the narrative – Obama headed to Hawaii and fell under the care of his communist grandparents. He was also mentored by iconic communist Frank Marshall Davis (whom some contend is his real father, but we won’t go there just yet). Even still, during this period, Obama become more intimately acquainted with Marxism rather than Islam.

From there it was on to a posh high school in Hawaii, then supposedly to college back on the mainland, where the narrative becomes infinitely more sketchy.

Some have speculated that Obama’s real father may have been the slain black civil rights leader Malcolm X, who embraced Sunni Islam after his pilgrimage to Mecca in 1964 and being expelled from the Nation of Islam. Apart from the uncanny likeness of the two men, there are those who claim that ample evidence exists to support this theory. One former intelligence operative has come forward, asserting that DNA evidence exists excluding Barack Obama Sr. as the president’s father. None of these parties has been able to produce incontrovertible evidence, however.

All things considered, a Malcolm X paternity certainly would explain the president having also embraced Sunni Islam, which he is dedicatedly working to advance. It might also explain his poorly concealed anti-Christian bias, as well as his administration’s appalling treatment of Israel.

Tragically, the wholesale persecution of Christians in Iraq, Syria and elsewhere in the Muslim world is likely to continue for some time, as are the ongoing efforts of radicals and Islamists in America – also aided by the Obama administration – to disenfranchise Christians here. There are many fronts upon which the latter is occurring, although the chief principals of these efforts are a distinct minority among us.

While the majority of Americans would find themselves unequivocally at odds with Obama’s ultimate goals, arresting the advancement of his agenda will probably fall to another distinct minority among us – those who, like our nation’s founders, understand and love liberty, and who are willing to stand alone if necessary and articulate hard truths.

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