Barack Obama: Israel’s most dangerous enemy

By WND Staff

By Roger L. Simon

Barack Obama is apparently very angry with Bibi Netanyahu.

We have known for some time, via hot-mic and other methods, that neither he nor his secretary of state much care for the Israeli prime minister. But – perhaps exacerbated by a multiplicity of foreign and domestic policy failures, plus atrocious poll numbers, including a recent CNN poll showing Romney beating him handily were the election held today – Obama seemed more irked than usual.

He needed someone to beat up since the world was beating him up. And the Israelis had just hugely embarrassed his secretary of state (and by extension, him) by pointing out their absurd bias in favor of Hamas in cease-fire negotiations, so absurd in fact that they outraged even Israel’s most famous liberal/left politician, Tzipi Livni, who would normally do almost anything for a chance for peace. (Ironically, the details of the pro-Hamas negotiations in which Israeli security concerns – the tunnels, demilitarization, etc. – were ignored were exposed by Barak Ravid in Israel’s most liberal newspaper, Haaretz.)

Further, they had outraged the Egyptians, who were dumped from the negotiations by Obama and Kerry in favor of Turkey and Qatar. Our administration seems to have a preference for the more extreme Islamist/Muslim Brotherhood societies, although you would think, given their professed loyalty to women’s and gay rights, these cultures would be anathema to them. Never mind. Obama is an equal opportunity narcissist and everything’s fine, unless you cross him.

Which, according to sources in Israel, is where Netanyahu found himself when the American president called to admonish him about Gaza. Obama reportedly used or implied the threat of withholding the resupply of weapons – don’t know if this includes the Iron Dome itself – if Israel didn’t fall into line and stop attacking Gaza immediately.

What Obama was doing, in effect, was saving Hamas. It’s almost mind-boggling to think, but it’s true.

The standard excuse is that if Hamas is obliterated, what replaces it will be even worse. Oh, really? ISIS or similar may be waiting in the wings to step in, but it’s doubtful if Israel (given its huge 87 percent public support for the current war) will ever let something like that happen, at least in the near future.

That is, if Israel is allowed to finish the job. Obviously, Obama is doing everything he can to make sure it’s otherwise. Part of this may stem from his deep-seated identification with the Third World, some from a buried (agnostic’s version) sympathy for Islam and some may be merely personal or fashionably anti-Semitic (see the Khalidi Tapes … oops, sorry, they’re stuck in a vault at the L.A. Times), but it’s very much there. Obama may be on the rocks, but he’s quite willing to take us all – and I mean the global all – down with him.

In the final analysis, he may be seizing on Israel-bashing as a way to distract from his failures and resurrect his reputation as a “good man.” No more callous behavior toward dead or dying veterans, no more endless lies about Obamacare, no more blindness as ISIS runs roughshod over Syria and Iraq, or Libya (his supposed triumph) turns into a giant Islamist nightmare, not to mention armies of illegal immigrants streaming over our borders in numbers no one could conceivably count and with missions no one could possibly guess.

No, it’s all Israel’s fault. See how the Jews over-reacted, killing all those innocent Arab children.

In this, of course, he will have the eager compliance of the mainstream media, who are loathe to show what Hamas really is and only reluctantly report the unprecedented lengths Israel goes not to harm civilians. But for those who are still undecided, this video – never shown on CBS or NBC, I can assure you – demonstrates exactly how Hamas deals with those who try to heed Israel’s alerts and save themselves (WARNING: HORRIFIC).

That is the Hamas Barack Obama is trying to save. Morally challenged, he and Kerry are oblivious to the obvious – that only a total victory by Israel over Hamas can save the miserable lives of the Gaza Palestinians.

Fortunately, if Obama follows through on his threats, veiled or otherwise, about restricting Israeli arms, he and his party will probably suffer mightily for it in November. Unfortunately, that is not near punishment enough.

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