I want a divorce.

No, not from my husband. We’ve been married 24 years so far, and I love him dearly. I would never divorce him.

But I want a divorce from America. Specifically what America has become, and is becoming.

I want to live in the America conceived by the Founding Fathers and modified by the Bill of Rights. I want to live in a place where the government’s job isn’t to subsidize lazy people or interfere unconstitutionally with international affairs or harass innocent people for what they do with their own property or with their possessions. I want to live in a country where such critical things as education, health care and use of property are left up to the free market with healthy competition, instead of becoming government-run monopolies with destructive results.

You see, America has broken its vows to me and every other citizen, the vows put forth in the founding documents. With those vows broken, divorce is a viable option.

The incomparable Walter Williams wrote, “If one group of people prefers government control and management of people’s lives and another prefers liberty and a desire to be left alone, should they be required to fight, antagonize one another, risk bloodshed and loss of life in order to impose their preferences or should they be able to peaceably part company and go their separate ways?”

In other words, a divorce. It’s becoming the only possible solution.

The grounds for this divorce, of course, are irreconcilable differences. Let’s face it, progressives loathe conservatives and conservatives loathe progressives. This mutual hatred is growing and makes it impossible for us to live peaceful productive lives. Why live in a house where you hate your housemate? Why remain with an abusive spouse? Why not go your separate ways?

America has become a place where illegals are rewarded for being illegal and veterans are allowed to die. It has become a place where patriots are called domestic terrorists and every Podunk town has military tanks. Does this sound like the kind of country where you want to live?

As for the division of property, we will of course have to have something fair and equitable, but a division will have to take place. The progressives can have half the country to do with what they want; ditto with the conservatives.

In Progressive Land, people can have unrestricted abortion paid for by their government. Families can be redefined or eliminated. Women can have as many fatherless children as they want, subsidized by taxpayers. EBT cards will be available for everyone so nobody has to work. Private firearm ownership can be banned. Government control can be constant, visible and pervasive. Does this sound like Utopia? Then Progressive Land is the place for you.

In Conservative Land, people will be judged by their actions and work ethic rather than by skin color. People will take personal responsibility for their own actions and lives. Professional victims will only exist if taxpayers aren’t burdened with their care. If a woman chooses to have six children out of wedlock, she will be supported by her own efforts or with the assistance of family or friends, rather than by taxpayers. Hard work will be rewarded, and laziness will not be supported. Schools and medical care will be private and must compete with other schools or health-care providers to offer the best services.

Early in our marriage between citizens and our government, some things were better and some things were worse than they are today. I am not so naïve as to think everything was perfect in the “old” days, but the balance was certainly tilted more toward personal freedom rather than collective servitude. And it was that tilt that made America the shining city on the hill, the beacon of freedom for legal immigrants. Sure, there were inequities that needed redress; but those wrongs were righted by the people … not the government.

Government has grown well beyond the boundaries imposed by our founders. Yet are we better off as a result of that growth? In this new “enlightened” nation, racial, economic and gender divisions are worse than ever. Are blacks better off after having their family structure destroyed by government “assistance”? Are the poor better off for the destruction of their work ethic and being rewarded for not working? Are children better off being dumbed down to the point where America’s schools rank last among developed nations?

Right now we have Makers, and we have Takers. But the Makers are being destroyed by government fiat, and the remaining Makers are getting tired of having their profits stolen and redistributed. Meanwhile the growing ranks of Takers demand the Makers keep supplying endless entitlements.

Something has to give. But instead of courting revolution, why not just get a divorce?

I can’t entirely blame the Obama administration for the current state of America, though things have certainly gotten worse in the last six years. But we’ve have had many presidents, both Democrat and Republican, who have contributed to our current mess. Obama is not the problem; he is a symptom. He is what happens when a segment of America thinks they know how to run a country better than the Founding Fathers did. Obama is merely the latest progressive implementing policies that have been proven failures time and time again (either here or in foreign countries).

Obama represents the revulsion that half this nation’s citizens feel toward the Constitution and Bill of Rights – toward the twin concepts of individual liberty and personal responsibility. He is pushing the progressive agenda, including socialized medicine, open borders, elimination of private firearms ownership and other feel-good but doomed policies.

That’s why I want a divorce. I don’t want to leave America’s shores – there’s no better place to go – but America as I knew it is dead. The only way to revive it is to divide and start over.

When a marriage goes bad – when one partner becomes abusive (to power), addicted (to immorality) and breaks solemn vows (of the Constitution and Bill of Rights) – then the only recourse is separation.

Jesus tells us that the only excuse for divorce in infidelity. Well, who can argue that the government has failed to “faithfully execute” its primary duty to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States?

So, I want a divorce.

I’m just glad there weren’t any children.

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