Over the past couple of months I’ve been collecting articles on feminist goals, tactics and behaviors that are, to put it charitably, hilarious. In fact, they’re worthy of mockery.

And make no mistake, feminists hate being mocked. Want an example? If you don’t already know, look up the origin of the term “Feminazi.” There’s a guy with a Ph.D. in mockery. Drives the little ladies nuts.

The latest example of the utter silliness of modern-day feminism is Jessica Valenti’s demand that women’s hygiene products “should be free for all, all the time.” For billions of women. Worldwide.

So a bachelor in Boston gets the privilege of paying for someone’s tampons in Tokyo. Or Rio de Janeiro. Or Ottawa. Or Sydney. Or … heck, pick a city.

This is because the concept of “free” entirely escapes the intellect of feminists who cannot grasp the connection between government spending and citizen theft … ah, taxation. Economics is hard for feminists. Their dear little brains can’t understand that nothing is “free” – stuff doesn’t just materialize out of thin air – and someone has to pay for it. “Free” usually means American taxpayers (especially those mean nasty greedy conservatives) should foot the bill. Isn’t that nice?

It doesn’t matter that women have taken care of their personal hygiene needs for, oh, thousands of years without subsidization. Nope, suddenly the world will fall apart if there isn’t Free Tampons For All.

And feminists wonder why people don’t take them seriously?

Or consider the University of Wisconsin-Madison, which is now offering a post-doc fellowship in – are you ready for this? – feminist biology. No longer will biology be interpreted through the lens of male dominance. Now we get the academic vindication of watching a woman with an agenda interpret scientific data through her own personal filter of female superiority. And this “science” is supposed to be trustworthy?

In an interview with one of the fellowship’s administrators, the question arose as to why science (in this case, biology) has been slow to recognize “gender bias” and why it falls so far behind such fields as English, history and psychology in correcting this gender bias. The reply: “[P]art of the reason is that many scientists believe that science is very objective and factual … but it’s actually not true. Any scientist has his or her own point of view, and there are things like confirmation bias. We want to confirm our own theories and so on.”

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Putting aside the scientific method, which, under ideal conditions, IS objective and factual, does anyone believe a feminist biologist will confirm observations contrary to her own feminist agenda? The reason biology (and other sciences) has lagged behind in recognizing “gender bias” is because hard science is supposed to be impersonal and not subject to the “feel good” nonsense that permeates feminist-influenced subjects such as literature, history and psychology. This puts aside the bothersome fact that in nature, gender differences are usually critical for survival. Darn those inconvenient truths.

And feminists wonder why people don’t take them seriously?

Next we can hop to the discussion held on HuffPost Live about whether women “deserve” paid menstrual leave. The logic for this special treatment apparently goes like this: If a man got kicked in the testicles, no one would argue he needs time off to recuperate. Therefore, employers should look at a normal part of female biology as a monthly medical emergency. To my way of thinking, if a man is getting kicked in the testicles every month for 35 years, there’s something very very wrong in his life, and he’s got a lot bigger problem than whether he gets time off from work.

And feminists wonder why people don’t take them seriously?

And who can forget the elegant and classy MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry who wore tampon earrings to protest a new Texas law banning abortions after five months? I suppose we should be thankful they weren’t used tampons.

And feminists wonder why people don’t take them seriously?


Lastly there is the Arizona State University’s Center for Feminist Research on Gender and Sexuality, which offers “menstrual activist” T-shirts, buttons and other wardrobe accessories. Presumably, the sole purpose of these fashion statements is to shove an intimate biological function into the faces of everyone they interact with. “I am menstruating today!” perkily announces one of the buttons. “Are you menstruating today?” asks another.

And feminists wonder why people don’t take them seriously?

Honestly, it boggles the mind why any male employer would hire a feminist. They are walking, talking, breathing lawsuits. They are harassment litigation with hairy armpits.. They are, in short, Trouble with a capital T.

Somehow I don’t think this is what feminists had in mind when they started their campaign for equal rights. The unintentional consequences have been to reduce their employment opportunities because no one wants to touch them (or their menstruation) with a 10-foot pole. Sadly, it’s also impacted the employment opportunities for non-feminist women because men have become so gun-shy about hiring any women at all.

Feminists carry a burden of hatred everywhere they go. While they are scornful of women who don’t fall in line with their cause, they save their most lethal contempt for men. Feminists gleefully strip men of their masculinity, their livelihood and often their children … and call it progress.

Feminism long ago left the realm of admirable and entered the realm of evil. No longer does feminism claim to correct the powerlessness too many women suffered through history. The movement has been hijacked by those who merely long to demonize half the population. This, more than anything else, is worthy of mockery.

Feminists can keep their menstrual activist gear, their love of murder (aborting five-month fetuses?), their hatred of men, their “feminist biology” and their disgusting tampon earrings.

Decent women will earn respect by their words, behavior and attitude. Feminists will earn dislike and resentment, even hatred, of men and women alike.

People don’t have to look very far to find feminists to mock. They invite it so readily.

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