Rockets fired from Gaza City in previous Hamas attack.

Rockets fired from Gaza City in a previous Hamas attack.

TEL AVIV – The Israel Defense Forces Home Front Command Tuesday issued orders to reopen bomb shelters in all communities within a range of 50 miles from the Gaza Strip.

The directive comes as rockets were fired from Gaza to as far as Tel Aviv just hours before the expiration of the temporary truce between Hamas and Israel.

One of the rockets landed in an open area in metropolitan Tel Aviv, the IDF said in a statement emailed to WND and other media outlets.

Israeli army warplanes reportedly already struck targets inside the Gaza Strip in response to the rocket attacks.

The salvo, the first in more than two weeks, will likely completely collapse the long-term cease-fire efforts and threatens to reignite the Gaza offensive.

Already, the Israeli government has pulled its envoy from Cairo, where truce talks have been ongoing.

Israel has been opposing some of Hamas’ demands, such as a “fishing zone” and a port in the Mediterranean Sea. The Jewish state fears a port could be used to ship weapons. Hamas also has been demanding an end to the blockade of the Egypt-Gaza border.

Anticipating further rocket fire, the IDF Home Front Command also instructed residents near the Gaza border to stay in shelters until further instructions are issued.

Also, the command has banned any gathering of more than 300 people within four miles of Gaza or 500 people within 24 miles of the Hamas-controlled territory.

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