What is President Barack Obama really up to with his shocking border policy?

Despite the disapproval of a vast majority of Americans, he’s singlehandedly negating the nation’s immigration laws and luring hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens to flood into the U.S. across its southern border. Many are minors – kidnapped, robbed, murdered or preyed upon en route by sexual predators, coyotes and drug cartels, with recent reports of astonishing numbers of both boys and girls being raped in transit. Dead bodies of illegal aliens – including young children – are reported washing up along the riverbanks of the Rio Grande.

In addition, teenage members of the ultra-violent MS-13 gang – whose initiation requires them to commit murder, rape or other heinous crime – are being allowed into the U.S. under Obama’s policy, and gangs are then recruiting new members from among the massive influx of unaccompanied immigrant minors. In Texas alone, over the last six years illegal aliens have been convicted of committing 640,000 crimes, including over 3,000 homicides.

Meanwhile, top medical doctors fear an imminent “public health catastrophe,” one publicly predicting a wave of immigrants “coming here with a number of infectious diseases that will spread like wildfire,” and another warning, “A public health crisis, the likes of which I have not seen in my lifetime, is looming.” Overwhelmed emergency rooms, multiple contagious diseases like drug-resistant tuberculosis and fears of school epidemics top their list of concerns.

So why is Obama doing it?

Many theories have emerged – from enlarging America’s permanent Democrat voting base, to creating ongoing crises to advance Obama’s far-left agenda of radical transformation, to “righting past wrongs” against brown-skinned populations Obama believes America has exploited in previous historical eras.

But what is undeniable is that it is endangering the lives, health, wellbeing and sanity of thousands of children, many of whom have now been traumatized, sexually abused and recruited into gangs.

Now, the August issue of WND’s acclaimed Whistleblower magazine – titled “UNCONVENTIONAL WARFARE: Children are the latest pawns in Obama’s transformation of America” – explores the vexing border crisis in a whole new light.


“What Americans are witnessing right now is a Trojan Horse disguised as a humanitarian crisis,” says Whistleblower Editor David Kupelian.

Adds author Diana West in this issue of Whistleblower, “Children are usually just children, but when 130,000 of them are expected to storm the border in the coming year, they more closely resemble an advancing column, a kind of foreign legion of child-mercenaries raised abroad with cynical promises of booty in the form of cradle-to-grave taxpayer charity.”

Highlights of “UNCONVENTIONAL WARFARE” include:

  • “Chaos theory: How Obama and the left are transforming not only America – but Americans, by David Kupelian
  • “Illegals freed by Obama later commit 19 murders” by Aaron Klein
  • “Child illegals – the real reason” by Diana West, who says, “There is an undeniable genius to this form of border attack”
  • “Congressman: Why ‘a million border guards’ wouldn’t help” – an eye-opening and alarming conversation with Texas Rep. Steve Stockman, by Garth Kant
  • “The Obamanation explained” by Joseph Farah, on how all the “senseless” things Barack Obama does actually do make sense
  • “How Obama created the border crisis” by Jack Cashill. In a nutshell: He was up for re-election, the law didn’t poll well with Hispanic voters, so he illegally changed it
  • “America: Microcosm of a world on fire” by Patrick J. Buchanan, who asks: “Disintegration, separatism and secessionism are sweeping the globe. Are we somehow immune?”
  • “Doctors: Border crisis means ‘health catastrophe'” by Drew Zahn. It’s not about politics, they warn, but rather a looming medical emergency
  • “Religious charities profit from open borders,” in which watchdogs ask: “Is it charity if the government pays?” by Leo Hohmann
  • “Immigrants’ gain is Americans’ loss” by Phyllis Schlafly on the shocking study that reveals 100% of American job growth goes to immigrants, while 0% goes to workers born in U.S.
  • “Obama: Deadbeat dad to American children” by Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, who says the president’s behavior is “akin to a father who abandons his own family to care for another”
  • “New Obama rule could force cities to house illegals” by Leo Hohmann, on a new regulation that “fits perfectly in line with his promise to transform America”
  • “Prosecutor cites 7 reasons to impeach Obama” by Greg Corombos, an interview with author and former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy, who says: “We have a commander in chief who is replenishing the enemy in wartime”
  • “Mark Levin: Palin right about impeaching Obama”
  • “Why the left believes today’s immigrant invasion is fair and just” by Tom Tancredo, in which the former congressman says young illegals could one day sue America for damages!
  • “It’s not a crisis, it’s a national emergency” by Diana West, on secretively resettling illegal immigrants all over the country – even in your neighborhood – whether you like it or not. “You like your community?” she warns, “Well, you can’t keep your community.”

As Americans endure the continual spectacle of uncontrolled illegal immigration – which amounts to nothing less than an invasion of their country – they are haunted by President Ronald Reagan’s warning: “A nation that cannot control its borders is not a nation.”

“This issue of Whistleblower will both enlighten and stun readers,” says Kupelian. “It assembles the pieces of this bizarre puzzle into a picture that finally makes sense.”

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Among the offenses documented in the book:

  • How Obamacare is not only unconstitutional but illegally bypasses Congress, infringes on states’ rights, and marks an unprecedented and unauthorized expansion of IRS power.
  • How Obama has sidestepped Congress and already granted largely unreported de facto amnesty for millions of illegal aliens using probably illicit interagency directives and executive orders.
  • How the Obama administration recklessly endangered the public by releasing from prison criminal illegal aliens at a rate far beyond what is publicly known.
  • The president’s personal role in the Sept. 11, 2012, Benghazi attacks, with new evidence about what was transpiring at the U.S. mission prior to the assaults – possibly impeachable activities in and of themselves.
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  • How Obama has weakened America both domestically and abroad by emboldening our enemies, tacitly supporting a Muslim Brotherhood revolution, spurning our allies, and minimizing the threat of Islamic fundamentalism.

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