Soon after the U.S. went to war in Iraq and Afghanistan, my ex-hippie, ultra-liberal neighbor began wearing a T-shirt depicting President Bush as Satan. Every day. It was disgusting, not only because he wore that shirt until it had holes in it but also because he was filled with so much rage that he felt the need to literally wear that hatred on his chest.

Throughout the Bush years there were daily protests in my hometown. Rain or shine, they were stationed in front of my bank and in front of the grocery store. They held signs – written in scary, crazy-people writing – that screamed, “Bush is a WAR MONGER!” and “NO WAR FOR OIL!!”

Then, in 2008, a miracle happened. Almost the moment Barack Obama took office every protester disappeared. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were still raging on, but that officially became “Bush’s fault.”

Very soon, however, cracks started appearing on the veneer of the presidency, and all the things liberals supposedly hated about Bush began happening with Obama. They saw “evil guns” handed over to the Mexican drug cartel in Fast and Furious. They saw our unsafe, unprotected U.S. mission in Benghazi, Libya, attacked, leaving four Americans killed.

People were dying, an administration was lying – certainly the similarities would become too much for the “peace-loving” crowd to ignore.

As a reporter, I couldn’t wait to be there when the protesters returned to their street corners taking a stance against all the violence and destruction of the Obama administration. I wanted to be the first on the scene to interview them and get photos of their disillusioned faces, and ask what they thought of things like “Evil Big Insurance” via Obamacare and the fact that Obama sent billions of taxpayer dollars to Brazil to fund Evil Big Oil and ultra-deepwater drilling. I pictured my Bush-hating neighbor wearing a brand new ‘Obama-as-Satan’ T-shirt, finally unable to support his not-so-Nobel Peace-y president.

But the hippies never returned. I thought of sending out an Amber Alert.

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Bottom line, their inaction and silence toward true injustice define who they really are. Despite the fact that Obama has continuously proven to be either directly or indirectly responsible for years of atrocities, it’s as if the universe sprayed PAM all over Barack Obama. Nothing sticks, and it probably never will.

The people who were previously so passionate, decrying everything President Bush did, from Iraq to Katrina to spending, have proven they didn’t really care about anything at all. They are the same hypocrites who continue to call President Nixon a “liar and crook” despite the fact that Obama, like Nixon, targeted his enemies via the IRS. The difference? One of Nixon’s articles of impeachment was for IRS tampering; Obama, so far, has gotten away with it scot-free. And the same hypocrites who continue to call Sen. Joseph McCarthy’s communist hearings “evil” have been silent during the very real blacklisting happening in Hollywood with conservative actors. Matter of fact, they much prefer actual communists over conservatives any day, and they aren’t afraid to say so.

So where’s the passion, the outrage? The only conclusion one can come up with is that for all their jumping up and down about war and the environment, liberals don’t really have a problem with any of it. They don’t care about war, or peace, or the environment, or puppies, or people. Their liberal agenda isn’t so much about protecting or fighting for people’s rights as it is about protecting their liberal ideology, period – and when you’re fighting this type of monster, the only hope we have is from above.

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