Debbie Wasserman Schultz must have seen the attention that the Ray Rice story was receiving and decided she wanted that attention for herself. She took to the airwaves to assert that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has “given women the back of his hand.”

It isn’t the first time. A video emerged showing Wasserman Schultz making the same remark about Gov. Rick Scott just last month.

Even a spokesperson for the DNC said her comment was “dumb” – and she said it at least twice!

Fox News Channel host Neil Cavuto asked if accusing Republican governors of violence was going a bit too far. I would like to know if Wasserman Schultz can make an intellectual policy point, or if she is just going to go all Britney Spears and simply say, “Oops, I did it again …”

This is yet another example of how completely out of touch the DNC is with its message to women.

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Ann Marie Murrell, Morgan Brittany and I have spent the entire last year talking to women about what they really want from their government.

It comes down to essentially three things (though women are a bit complicated, so it took us a whole book to break it down):

1) National security – Real women want secure homes and families, and this is the polar opposite of what those in this administration have offered. Under the watch of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and others like Pelosi, Wasserman Schultz and Elizabeth Warren, women around the world are being serially raped, stoned to death and eradicated under Islam.

2) Economic security – Real women want job security. In the video, the Democrat strategist talked about women wanting “more government funding for rape and legal defense for victims.” The problem is that the Democrat machine has made all women victims, and most women strive for more. Women also balance checkbooks, and they know that no matter how many great causes are out there, you can’t give more until you pay your bills. This concept seems to be lost on the Democratic Party.

3) Real freedom – Pay parity is one the Democrats have successfully sold, but it does not match up with what women really want. A recent Forbes study says that more than 85 percent of women agree that they would like to be able to live on one income – something that 50 years of bra-burning feminism has destroyed in their union-hugging, equal-pay tirade.

The Democrats have lied to women for decades, and now that women realize that there is more to their political significance than free birth control and abortion on demand, those who have peddled those lies all this time are in a panic.

But don’t take my word for it. A recent Washington Post/ABC poll said that this administration’s popularity with women has done an exact about-face. Wasserman Schultz knows that, and that is why she is desperate to scare women back by any means necessary – even resorting to these low-brow, classless attacks.

Why isn’t she looking in her own backyard (politically speaking) for abuse of women (Filner, Spitzer, Weiner, Kennedy, Clinton, Clinton)?

John Hawkins of Right Wing News said we have a higher moral standard for the NFL than we do for our elected officials in Washington, D.C. He also said, “We love victims so much that people actually fake hate crimes to claim victim status.” That is by Democrat design. They trade victims for votes! And they will take ’em anywhere they can get ’em!

As we gear up for the culmination of the 2014 elections and launch into the 2016 campaign, I have a few questions for any Democrats who have the guts to respond:

1) Can you run a campaign that doesn’t focus on division through identity politics?

2) Can you talk about what is good about America, or just its faults?

3) Can you campaign without lying and treating your voting groups like useful idiots?

Even the DNC consultant, who in the Cavuto interview admitted that Wasserman Schultz’s comments were dumb, skewed birth-control statistics so desperately that she must think all women are dumb. She said that “98 percent of women are on birth control.”

What-Women-Really-WantThat number is laughable on its face.

What about post-menopausal/sterilized women? Virgins? That group alone would prove her numbers in error. Planned Parenthood’s own numbers dispute her ridiculous claim. The CDC says the term “birth control” can mean things like “withdrawal” and “periodic abstinence,” which accounts for about one-fifth of all women reporting to use some form of birth control. DNC wakeup call: This does not mean that women are willing to sell their votes for $15/month in free birth control!

Democrat and independent women are reflecting on promises made before and jumping ship. Women will have to decide. Would they rather be empowered by true constitutional freedoms, and a party that trusts them with their own strengths, ability to compete and risk management via liberty? Or are they so lost in their Stockholm Syndrome that they will again be led like lambs to slaughter by a party that is all too happy to manipulate them and relegate them back victimhood status of (at best) walking uteruses, or (at worst) useful idiots?

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