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How do we secede from Obamanation?

Michael Savage

“We all want to see ISIL wiped off the planet, so we all salute Obama’s air campaign,” Savage said to his audience this week. “However, he’s done it unconstitutionally.”

Dr. Savage explained his second objection to the president’s decision to deploy the U.S. armed forces in the region: If the White House succeeds in bringing down Assad, the power vacuum left behind will most likely be filled by someone even worse (Free audio).

Turning his attention to the home front, Dr. Savage said he envied the people of Scotland, who, while ultimately voting not to secede from the United Kingdom, “at least had a vote.”

“Do you have any hope that you could secede from Obama’s domination?” Savage asked his listeners. “There is no chance for us to secede from this liberal cretinism that has paralyzed this nation’s decency. And waiting in the wings are none other than Bill and Hillary Clinton again.

“Can you believe this is the best America can do?” (Free audio).

Rush Limbaugh

The radio giant is fighting back against a campaign called “Stop Rush,” which is pressuring advertisers to stop buying airtime on Limbaugh’s program.

Limbaugh’s spokesman Brian Glicklich revealed that the so-called “grassroots campaign” actually consists of “just a small number of hardcore political activists founded by Angelo Carusone, EVP of Media Matters for America. It’s remarkably tiny. Only 10 Twitter users account for almost 70 percent of all StopRush tweets to advertisers, amplified by illicit software.”

On the air, Limbaugh mocked the “drive-by media’s” latest attempts to rally Americans behind a dubious cause: “Nearly 90 percent of Americans say they don’t care about all of this going on in the NFL. … Now, you have to understand. The drive-bys will look at this and they will chalk this up as total failure. The people that write the daily media narrative, that write the daily media soap opera measure their success by learning how much of the general population’s thinking on a subject they’re able to move or manipulate. And this is the second in a row that they’ve bombed out” (Free audio).

Aaron Klein

Investigative journalist Klein warns that Obama’s decision to send 3,000 U.S. military personnel to West Africa to combat Ebola could put Americans at risk of contracting the deadly illness at home. So why his he doing it? Klein explains that it’s all part of a “progressive” plan to turn the American military into “more of a social work organization” that will “fight global poverty, remedy ‘injustice,’ and bolster the United Nations.”

Klein also continues to focus on the Benghazi hearings and reveals new information that ties the State Department’s Benghazi security contractor to Iran-Contra and bolsters the case that Hillary Clinton misled the American public on what really happened.

PLUS: Activist and author Pamela Geller talks to Klein about her controversial anti-jihad New York City Transit ads (Free audio).

Mark Levin

Former IRS director Lois Lerner singled out Mark Levin this week in an interview with Politico. She insisted that leaked emails in which she and her husband calling conservative radio hosts in general – and Levin in particular – “crazies” and “a—holes,” were “taken entirely out of context.”

Levin responded at length on his show, insisting that contrary to Lerner’s bizarre assertion, he and his callers have never talked “about stockpiling food and guns to fight because Obama was going to run the country into the ground.”

“Maybe there’s some Internet shows that do this, maybe there’s a couple big mouths on the terrestrial radio or satellite that do this,” Levin said. “I don’t do this. I believe in the Second Amendment, I believe you should be armed, to defend your family, Obama or no Obama. But the idea that now somehow I and you were involved in, you know, starting this scandal is so preposterous.”

“Now, is it ironic at all that she’s talking to Politico but won’t talk to Congress?” Levin added. “That she pleads the Fifth? Does that sound like somebody who wants to tell the truth?”

Laura Ingraham

Ingraham caused a stir this week when she called an interview on MSNBC “annoying.” She complained about an interview with an illegal immigrant conducted by the network’s Jose Diaz-Balart, in which he also acted as the guest’s “Spanish-to-English translator.”

Calling the interview “painful,” Ingraham also balked at Diaz-Balart’s habit of switching from his usual American accent to a heavily Spanish one when pronouncing Spanish words (Free audio).

Her guests this week included a one-time Muslim Brotherhood operative, who told Ingraham that America has allowed too many “fundamentalists” to enter the country (Free audio).

Glenn Beck

Sadie Robinson of the TV series “Duck Dynasty” is now a contestant on “Dancing with the Stars,” and Beck says she is being singled out for criticism because of her family’s well-publicized Christian beliefs.

One judge had asked Robinson if her “dad OK with that routine? Because it was a little edgy and a little sexy.”

An exasperated Beck said that the teenager’s dancing was “nothing that you wouldn’t see anyplace else, and no one would ever question it” (Free audio).

Beck also wondered by Obama seemed to be trying to hide the fact that Syrian terrorists the president called “the Khorasan group” were actually “an al-Qaida splinter group.”

Said Beck: “The Pentagon claimed they have been watching Khorasan for a very long time, but it wasn’t too long ago that this administration said al-Qaida was decimated and on the run. But now they’re an imminent threat? It doesn’t add up, does it?” (Free audio).