140905obamacellphoneRush Limbaugh was away all week. His guest hosts included bestselling author Mark Steyn.

Steyn told the audience: “The U.S. Embassy in Tripoli is now in the hands of the jihad boys. They’re all diving into the pool at the compound and posting pictures of it on social media. It turns out the fellows that like to chop your head off know how to use YouTube, Facebook and Twitter better than Obama and all the cool kids he’s got surrounding him in his Oval Office team. That’s what it’s come to: He’s not even a good tweeter.”

Michael Savage

Dr. Savage celebrated the Labor Day weekend with a cruise around New York City’s Hudson River in his son’s yacht.

In an inspirational impromptu speech to his guests, Savage remarked, “A hundred years ago, my grandfather arrived at Ellis Island, in steerage … unable to speak English.

“He became a tailor and opened a little shop,” he continued. “Now here I am on my son’s yacht. It’s the American dream come true” (Free video).

Back on the air, Savage thanked his listeners for pre-ordering his new book “Stop the Coming Civil War” in such large numbers that it had already hit the No. 1 stop at Barnes & Noble.

He told them he’d sent a review copy to “someone who is very high up in the media.”

“Do you know what he said back?” Savage asked. “‘Great book. We’d love to interview you. But why do you want to stop the coming civil war?'”

Savage noted that there are “millions of people who feel the same way,” who’d “like to clean the rats’ nest out” (Free audio).

Aaron Klein

Middle East expert Aaron Klein explained the details of the Israel-Gaza ceasefire, and its implication for the future. As for the present, Klein presented evidence that ISIS terrorists pose an “imminent” threat to the U.S. electrical grid.

In an interview taped before Joan Rivers’ passing, another octogenarian comedian, Jackie Mason, joined Klein to talk about her career and his.

Klein also spoke to pastor Terry Jones, who plans on burning Korans again this year on the anniversary of 9/11. Other topics include Obama’s plans to monitor social media data, and possibly sign an executive action on amnesty for illegal aliens (Free audio).

Mark Levin

“Why Jon Stewart Is More Important To Israel Than Mark Levin” – that was the provocative headline at the Times of Israel this week.

The author, Hal Goodman, wrote: “People like Mark Levin, although they mean well as ‘supporters’ of Israel, actually end up hurting democracies because of tactics used by totalitarian regimes: insults, labels, euphemism and logic stating that if you criticize, then you must be for Hamas. If you’ve never been to the United States or have family in the U.S., then ask your younger cousins or nieces and nephews who they enjoy more, Jon Stewart’s ‘Daily Show’ or Mark Levin’s radio show. Most likely, they’ll only know one of them, and most likely, they’ll view the ‘Daily Show’ as entertaining and perhaps thought provoking.”

Laura Ingraham

Ingraham wasn’t impressed by the president’s vow to “manage” the growing terrorist group known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS.

“When you hear the president talk about destroy and degrade [ISIS], that makes sense,” she said. “When you hear the president talking about managing the problem, that doesn’t make sense. I mean, we manage all sorts of problems in our daily lives. This is not a manageable problem; this is a force of evil” (Free audio).

Ingraham turned her attention to the aftermath of riots and demonstrations in Ferguson, Missouri, where a police officer shot and killed an unarmed teenager last month. She criticized John Lewis – the 1960s civil rights activist turned Democrat congressman – for “echoing” the divisive, partisan rhetoric of Al Sharpton and Eric Holder.

“Democrats may spike turnout with this rank race-baiting strategy,” Ingraham remarked. “But this will not create a single job in the inner city or keep a single African-American male out of prison. But if Obama can save a Senate seat or two in the process, then that’s all that matters, right?” (Free video).

Glenn Beck

Beck predicted this week that Hillary Clinton would be elected president in 2016.

He imagined her winning millions of votes by asking Americans, “‘Do you remember when America was good? Do you remember when we had jobs and we were building towards a brighter future, and things were really happening? The Clinton administration, we had it under control. Things were good, and … we’re going to do better. We’re going to replant our flag in the traditional things that you understand'” (Free audio).

Beck’s other startling declaration was that “the good” that has come out of the violence in Ferguson has “outshadowed the bad.”

“We have let the pressure in our society build,” he told his audience, “and that’s what you were seeing on the streets in Ferguson, that’s what you’re seeing happen. We have to take the pressure off. We are bound to stand with each other and point out when we agree, when we’re right. … We all have much more in common and we better start finding those things” (Free audio).

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