NEW YORK – You missed them on “The View.”

You probably didn’t see them on “Good Morning America.”

That’s because they weren’t invited.

Who are they?

What_women_really_wantHollywood star Morgan Brittany, Ph.D. psychology expert Gina Loudon and the glue that holds them together as “the PolitiChicks,” former actress and tea-party activist Ann-Marie Murrell, the authors of the hot new book “What Women Really Want.”

But America got a chance to see and hear them this weekend on the Fox News Channel’s “Huckabee” – and the response has been huge.

The book has skyrocketed up the Amazon bestsellers list. It’s now the No. 1 Hot New Release and occupies the No. 1 and No. 2 spots in the Women in Politics category, where 21 out of 24 people rated it 5-stars.

So what do women really want?

For starters, they reject the idea there is a war on women – especially one being waged by the Republican Party.

“It worked obviously in 2012,” said Brittany, the former star of “Dallas,” dozens of movies and other TV shows, and some of the most famous commercials in TV history. “But I do believe it’s getting stale. I think this year has been a turning point – not just for women but for men as well.”

She noted that with serious issues confronting the nation such as the ISIS crisis and the open border, feminists are highlighting matters as trivial as “$15 or $30 birth control.”

“I am offended,” said Loudon. “I hope that what we can do is turn what has been a negative into a positive.”

She says the feminist rhetoric has given America an emasculated and godless culture.

Brittany blames the media for allowing Democrats to divide the country by sex “for political gain.”

“We as women, even my friends who are Democrats, we all have common ground,” said Brittany. “We are all looking to help our families, save this country and do the right thing.”

At a time when birth control is being used as a political divider, Murrell asks if women “would be all right if the Internal Revenue Service was used to target their families.” Or, she said, “Would you be all right with your grandfather wasn’t getting treatment in a Veterans Administration hospital, or would you be all right if a member of your family was killed in Benghazi for no reason?”

Loudon emphasized that there really are differences between men and women, which is denied by those proclaiming there’s a political war on women.

“They’ve tried to force this idea on women,” said Loudon. “We need to go back to a day when men respected women and men were allowed to be the men that God meant them to be, because there are differences between masculinity and femininity.”

“What Women Really Want” has received endorsements from figures such as Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity.

“You gals are out there preaching it and I love you and I thank you … I get goosebumps listening to you,” said Palin, the former Republican vice presidential nominee.

The theme of the book is empowering strong and independent women, not through government mandate but by changing the culture one person at a time.

Brittany has been a film, television and stage actress for more than 50 years. In the 1980s, she played Katherine Wentworth, one of the lead characters in the hit television series “Dallas.” She appeared in films and on numerous television shows, including “The Andy Griffith Show,” “The Twilight Zone” and “Gunsmoke.” She has been married for over 30 years to stunt director Jack Gill and has two children. She and her husband live in both Los Angeles and Atlanta.

Loudon has two master’s degrees and a Ph.D. in psychological fields. She is the co-author of “Ladies and Gentlemen: Why the Survival of Our Republic Depends on the Revival of Honor” and is the host of “Smart Life with Dr. Gina” on the Money Business Life Network. She is a frequent commentator on Fox News and the Fox Business channels. She lives in San Diego with her husband and five children.

Loudon and Murrell were both named among America’s hottest conservative women in new media.

Murrell is the lead anchor, national director and editor-in-chief of She is also a regular political commentator on FrontPage Magazine’s online TV show “The Glazov Gang.” She has been featured on race relations on “The Dr. Phil Show,” and her work has been carried by dozens of news outlets across America. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Mark.

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