WASHINGTON – What happens when more than 9 million messages warning Congress to shape up or ship out?

The only time it ever happened was 2009. That’s when WND launched the “Send Congress a Pink Slip” campaign resulting in an avalanche of imminent firing notices that were carefully and successfully delivered to every member of Congress over a period of several months.

The warnings were delivered on pink paper – depleting all supplies of pink paper in North America. Piled on top of one another, they would tower above the tallest building in the Capitol, the Washington Monument – eventually even the tallest building in the world. Some members extolled the campaign against overspending and irresponsible behavior, while others whispered and murmured about it behind closed doors.

Ultimately the pink slip campaign presaged the tea party movement and one of the biggest voter revolts in American history in 2010.

And that’s why WND is bringing it back – updated, rejuvenated and refined – in 2014.

Here’s the message to every single member of the House and Senate you can send by participating in the campaign before November:


It’s time to do the job you were elected to do:

  • Hold the president accountable for repeated violations of the Constitution.
  • Punish all those culpable for using the IRS to target citizens based on their political beliefs and activities.
  • Break up the Veterans Administration cartel and get medical care to our vets now.
  • Demand Barack Obama enforce immigration laws now or else.

If you fail to live up to these urgent demands, your REAL PINK SLIP WILL BE ISSUED ON ELECTION DAY.


Your employer,

Each pink slip bears your actual name and address as provided in your order. And they all ask for a response from each member.

During the last campaign, bundles of pink slips were dispatched…

It’s a not-so-subtle way of reminding members of Congress – Democrats and Republicans – who they work for, who pays their salaries and who sent them to Washington. It’s an effective way to let them know they might be back on the job market in November if they don’t read the political tea leaves and understand the frustration and anger being felt on Main Street.

“It’s time to shake these people up, again,” said Joseph Farah, WND founder and chief executive office. “Republicans need to hear it as much as Democrats. After all, they’re not holding Barack Obama accountable. He should have been impeached by the House, which is controlled by the so-called opposition party. Participating in this campaign is like taking part in one gigantic collective primal scream heard from coast to coast.”

…and cartloads…

If you want Congress to exercise its power to hold the White House accountable for abuse of the Constitution, for targeting political “enemies” with Internal Revenue Service harassment, making wounded warriors and other veterans wait months for medical services and for refusing to enforce immigration laws, here’s your opportunity to make your voice heard along with millions of others who share your anger and frustration.

The secret of its success is the delivery method. All pink slips are sent using FedEx, ensuring actual delivery to congressional offices. The messages are bundled for delivery by recipient to keep the costs down and to increase the impact.

“How else could you send every member of Congress a message in one minute for a total cost of $29.95?” asks Farah. “It can’t be done. We found the sweet spot for getting their attention in a dramatic way. It’s never been replicated – until now.”

…and truckloads.

If you’d like to bury Congress in pink slips again, now’s your chance.

For just $29.95 you can send an individualized notice to every member of Congress in the form of a “pink slip.” It will bear your name and your address and be sent and delivered to every member of the House and Senate, giving them plenty to think about before the November election.

Are you ready for another revolution in 2014? Only you can make it happen.

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