The funniest dashcam video you’ll ever see

By Joe Kovacs

A bizarre road-rage incident in Russia has people across the world laughing.
A bizarre road-rage incident in Russia has people across the world laughing.

Cases of road rage are usually no laughing matter, but an incident captured on video over the weekend in Russia is leaving millions of people howling with delight, as four people dressed as cartoon characters are seen pummeling a man.

It took place at 2:40 a.m. Saturday morning in the Siberian city of Chelyabinsk, when a vehicle suddenly pulls in front of a minivan on a highway and then stops.

When the driver gets out and approaches the other driver, that’s when the surreal scene begins.

As the Moscow Times reported, “The victim must have thought he was dreaming as Spongebob Squarepants, Mickey Mouse, a squirrel that looks like Scrat from ‘Ice Age,’ and an unidentified rabbit, kicked and punched him as he lay defenselessly on the floor.”

[jwplayer aLmpwI3u]

The rabbit character even lost his furry head in the scuffle, and had to pick it up off the street and replace it atop his noggin.

Once the characters had enough of smacking the man around, they got back in their minivan to make a quick getaway.

The whole incident was caught on camera by men in a third vehicle, who up until the incident had been complaining about their long trip and being sleepy, but then burst out laughing when the cartoon beat-down commenced in front of their eyes.

“Thank you for waking me up!” one of the witnesses shouted out in Russian as he was leaving.

The witnesses who recorded the event on their dashboard camera uploaded it to YouTube with the title “Rough Chelyabinsk Disney.” The clip has been viewed more than 3 million times as of Wednesday afternoon.

The Times noted some people have questioned the authenticity of the event, as it may have been an elaborate prank.

“At the start of the video, the passengers can be heard discussing municipal elections, which take place in Chelyabinsk next Friday. The clip may have been produced by spin doctors to generate publicity ahead of the vote, news site reported.”

The comic scene is getting plenty of comments on YouTube, including:

  • “In Soviet Russia, Disney make laugh of you.”
  • “Everything about this is fantastic.”
  • “Never piss off a bunch of furries.”
  • “Video of the year.”
  • “Easily one of the best Russian dashcam vids you will ever see.”
  • “There is justice. the guy who got beat up does seem to have caused the accident, and then went on to be mouthy about it. Let that be a lesson. Sometimes they are bigger and furrier than you are.”
  • Can you imagine reporting this to the police? Lol. ‘Yeah and then [bleeping] Mickey and Spongebob came out of the van and kicked me to the ground. No, officer, I haven’t been drinking.'”
  • “I don’t care whether it was real or fake. It made me laugh like an idiot for a full minute, and that’s all that matters to me.”
  • “Apparently, a Russian patriot has been attacked by some Western characters. What is Putin waiting for?”
  • “If there was ever a use for the phrase, ‘I don’t even … ,’ this would be it.
  • “What the [bleep] is going on over there in Russia?”
  • “These guys have nukes.”

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